The next entry in our epic Mega Airport series takes us to Norway's largest airport, recreated in amazing detail for MSFS. Available now! Read more >>
"The most dangerous airport in the world" - LimeSim brings Lukla Airport to MSFS in unprecedented quality with the first part of our new Mt. Everest series. Read more >>
As we get closer to the release of EDDF, we want to share a few more screenshots from the current state of development with you. We will have more detailed info to share soon, so stay tuned! Read more >>
SoFly Ltd's Microsoft Flight Simulator add-ons, including sceneries, tools & weather enhancements, are now available in the Aerosoft shop! Read more >>
The 1.0.2 update for Aerosoft Toolbar Pushback Pro is now available for download! This patch includes compatability adjustments for SU15, adds new aircraft profiles and fixes various bugs. Read more >>
Update 1.01 for sim-wings Barcelona is now available! This patch adds custom 3D objects to the harbor and replaces the default photogeometric cranes with detailed ones. Read more >>
The most detailed LEBL scenery for MSFS to date - sim-wings Barcelona is now available in the Aerosoft Shop! Read more >>
Your all-in-one solution for pushback, push-in and towing in MSFS - now available via the Aerosoft Shop and soon in the Microsoft Marketplace as well! Read more >>
The Tecnam P2006T Analog is out now! Both P2006T variants are also available in a bundle - incl. an upgrade option for owners of either variant. Read more >>
Aerosoft Heliports Bratislava adds nine helipads in the city of Bratislava, Slovakia to Microsoft Flight Simulator. Available now! Read more >>
Update 2.2 for Berlin Brandenburg is now available for download! In addition to numerous bug fixes, there are now also functioning jetways at Terminals B8 and B16, overlapping parking positions and more. Read more >>
Aerosoft Heliport Kitzbühel is a small helipad set against the scenic backdrop of the Austrian Alps. Available now for MSFS! Read more >>
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