A330 Dev-Update | FMS Testing

… and another milestone ticked off: Engine performance tuning and tweaking is now done!

Our testers can finally get back on track. We are aware that it is sometimes very frustrating for testers when things don't work properly and you can't complete the flight successfully as a result. However, this phase seems to have finally been overcome. Fortunately, we have many testers who fly to different airports all over the world with all sorts of arrivals and approaches. This shows how good our custom flight management system really is and where things still need improving. The most common error is the handling of the different waypoint types. We will now gradually eliminate these, which can be quite a time-consuming task. Fortunately, it's not a question of whether, but only how quickly we can get it done.

We are also continuing to work diligently on the vertical autopilot modes and on the documentation, which will come in both text and video form. It's quite an extensive undertaking, but we're already pretty far along and are continuously adapting the documentation to our development progress.
The end-of-the-year sprint is underway and we will try to make as much progress as possible before the Christmas break – and we're already looking forward to next year!

More at https://a330.aerosoft.com/