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Just Trains' Metropolitan Line route models the full length of this London Underground line,... more
Product information "Metropolitan Line & S7+1 Advanced Underground Stock Bundle"

Just Trains' Metropolitan Line route models the full length of this London Underground line, with all 34 stations modelled in exceptional detail, authentic LU signalling, accurate city and countryside scenery and all the distinctive buildings and features along the route.

The S7+1 Advanced Underground stock included in this Bundle provides a highly functional and authentic driving experience. 13 scenarios for the Metropolitan Line are provided and the passenger carriages feature detailed interior modelling.

Metropolitan Line
The London Underground Metropolitan line runs from the busy heart of the City of London at Aldgate up to leafy Amersham in Buckinghamshire. The contrast between the two ends of the route is stark! Moving out from the sub-surface section north of Finchley Road, you drive through the urban area of West London and eventually drive into the countryside past Harrow-on-the-Hill station. Driving further, you have the option of branching left to see the Art Deco terminus of Uxbridge, turning north further up the line onto the branch line to Watford or, further still, experiencing the countryside on the beautiful branch to Chesham. The line terminates at Amersham in the north.

The route has been extensively researched to give you an authentic London Underground driving experience. All the 34 surface and sub-surface stations are authentically detailed and modelled. Each of the different tunnel sections reflects the numerous different styles found on the route, from 'cut and cover' to the round style. The deep cuttings in the Metropolitan area are carefully modelled along with the distinctive buildings surrounding the track.

Authentic London Underground signalling is used throughout the route, which is extensively detailed with appropriate line side equipment and structures.

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S7+1 Advanced
S7+1 London Underground stock has been in service since 2010 and is only used on the Metropolitan line. The S stock ('S' stands for 'Sub-surface’) has less seating than previous trains but is capable of faster acceleration and has more room for standing passengers. S7+1 stock has air conditioning and low floors to facilitate access for disabled passengers. It is possible for passengers to walk from one car to the next while the train is moving.

The S7+1 has been developed in conjunction with a current S7+1 driver to ensure the utmost authenticity and accuracy and 13 scenarios for Just Trains' Metropolitan Line route are included.

The S7+1 will operate on any third- or fourth-rail route but Just Trains' Metropolitan Line has been specifically developed for the S7+1.

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