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  • Virtual Fly
The SWITCHO RADIOS is a desktop or cockpit-panel module with touch screen, designed to be a very...más
Información del producto "Virtual Fly - SWITCHO Radios"

The SWITCHO RADIOS is a desktop or cockpit-panel module with touch screen, designed to be a very complete Radiostack with extra indications. This Radiostack is designed for VFR and IFR flights, both for short-range and long-range aircraft. It includes all communication, radio, and auto-pilot necessary switches and rotaries. The touch screen shows a full annunciator panel, radio, auto-pilot, navigation, and flap and trim indications.

It is a Plug&Fly USB module that you connect to your computer and through our "VFHub" software it is ready to work with the 3 main flight simulation platforms.


  • Plug&Fly product, no configuration is required
  • FULL metal construction
  • Rotaries & switches with an ultra-high life cycle
  • It includes anti-slip systems for a better grip over any surface
  • It includes anti-tip systems to avoid any tilt and keep in a steady vertical position
  • Realistic feel thanks to the quality of the materials, strong and reliable rotational encoders
  • Designed for Single &Twin engine Piston and Turboprop aircraft
  • Designed for IFR and VFR flights, both for short-range and long-range aircraft
  • The entire housing is removable so that the module can be fitted in any cockpit panel by means of 8 screws
  • 1024x600 touch screen resolution, with draggable screen to show you an operative AUDIO panel
  • Tactile AUDIO panel

Module content:

  • In the Screen:
    • Nav1, Nav2, Comm1, Comm2, ADF, XPDR
    • DME-1, DME-2
    • Autopilot (very complete)
    • Independent Landing Gear indicator for each wheel
    • Marker Beacon Lights (O, M, I)
    • Flaps – Gear – Trim indicator (x3)
    • Annunciator panel with unlimited number of alarms with display order according to the severity of the alarm
  • Switches & Rotaries:
    • Nav1, Nav2, Comm1, Comm2, ADF, XPDR
    • Very complete Autopilot: AP, YD, FD, A/T, FLCLVL CHG, VS UP, VS DN, HDG, NAV, VNAV, APR, REVB/C, ALTw/ Rotary, VS
    • Rotaries to adjust navigation indications & Auto Throttle: CRS1w/ CTR, CRS2w/CTR, HDGw/Sync, GYRO, BAROw/baro STD, IAS (IAS OR MACH)


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  • USB (cable included)
  • Powered at 115-230VAC


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