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Detail Mega Airport Frankfurt V2.0 (FS2004)
The busiest airport in Germany, Frankfurt Airport, is now available again for FS2004. This stunning scenery created by the award-winning German Airports Team conveys the ultimate Mega Airport feeling. Get started in international aviation and depart from Germany`s main hub. Realistically scaled and with all airport buildings modeled, this add-on takes you on a huge journey.
Detail Polish Airports Vol.1 2017 (FS2004)
Polish Airports Vol.1 is a package of highly detailed sceneries of EPGD Gdansk Lech Walesa (Rebiechowo), EPKT Katowice Pyrzowice, EPRZ Rzeszów Jasionka (including EPRJ) and EPLB Lublin (including EPSW Swidnik) airports in Poland.
Detail Baku 2017 (FS2004)

Baku 2017 features a detailed representation of UBBB Heydar Aliyev airport, Baku city with hundrieds of landmarks, all Azeri airports enhanced and the whole-country optional photoreal ground. This product is compatible with FS2004.

Detail LUKK Chisinau 2016 (FS2004)

LUKK Chisinau 2016 features a highly detailed representation of LUKK Chisinau International Airport in Moldova.

Detail German Airports 4 / 2004 (FS2004 Version)
One of the first sceneries for FS2004! The German-Airports-Team has been working on this rework of their airports for months.
Detail Mega Airport Rome (FS2004)
Fly to Italy´s major airport "Fiumicino-Leonardo Da Vinci"! Our Add-On Mega Airport Rome widens our selection of Italian airport with the sixths busiest European airport.
Detail Anchorage (FS2004)
Anchorage Ted Stevens International (PANC) one of the most important airports in Alaskas and destination of many national and international flight connections. Beside asian and russian airlines also from Frankfurt fly german Condor and the switzerland airline Edelweiß from ZRH in the month may to september to Anchorage.
Detail Spanish Airports 2 (FS2004 Version)
Spanish Airports 2: The next sequel of the succesful Spanish Airports series. Sim-wings presents 4 highly detailed replicas of Girona, Granada, Reus und Sevilla.
Detail Austria Professional (FS2004)
The "Mountain Country" of Austria with its amazing topography and landscapes is the ideal scenery for a flight with the MS Flight Simulator. From the Danube to the Drau, from Lake Constance to the Lake Neusiedler, this scenery will give you the best in visual flying.
Detail France 1 (FS2004)
France 1 contains 4 of the most well known airports along the famous Cote D´Azur! Built in G-max and using brilliant textures, this add-on for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 is one of a kind and lets the PC pilot jet-set to the glamorous south coast of France.
Detail Casablanca
Casablanca does not have the glamour or grandeur of Marrakech or Tangier but it is the commercial heart of the kingdom of Morroco. With two airports and a major harbour it is the gateway to North Africa for many visitors. Created by Matthew Dalton (well known by his succesful Monaco scenery) with assistance from local pilots it is now covered in FS2004 in high detail.
Detail Wonderful Madeira (FS2004)
Wonderful Madeira is a new scenery for the FS2004 covering the beautiful archipelago of Madeira. Aerial photographs and a realistic elevation model (Mesh Terrain) together with the two highly detailed airports, Funchal and Porto Santo give a near exact replica of these islands.
Detail Scenery Germany - Bremen (FS2004 Version)
Although Scenery Germany - Bremen covers a rather small area in the northwest of Germany it is the most eye-catching scenery of a German city ever!
Detail Scenery Germany 1 (FS2004 Version)
South-West GermanyVFR scenery with an exact elevation model and 53 detailed airfields.The latest innovations and developments in flight simulator scenery programming now make it possible to realise most flightsimmers long-held dream - VFR flight over Germany!
Detail Scenery Germany 2 (FS2004 Version)
The Scenery Germany 2 sets new standards in PC VFR flying. The first time in flight simulation you will be able to see all required landmarks for visual flights including highly detailed airfields!
Detail Scenery Germany 4 (FS2004 Version)
Scenery Germany 4 covers Hessen, Thüringen and parts of northern Bavaria and covers many famous places. It is designed to be used with "Mega Airport Frankfurt" and will create an unprecedented level of detail for the area it covers. Release: spring 2006
Detail Mega Airport Dublin (FSX+P3D+FS2004* see note)
The capital airport of Ireland for your home flight simulator. With up to 20 million passenger per year Dublin´s International Airport is of course the number one in Ireland and also ranked 15th of all European airports.
Detail Mega Airport London Heathrow Xtended (FSX+FS2004+P3D)
Line up on the "String of Pearls" and land on Europe`s busiest airport London Heathrow. The prize winning SimWings Team has once again pushed the limits of modeling a perfect mega hub with London Heathrow Xtended representing the actual and up to date stage of its real world counterpart.
Detail Mega Airport Dusseldorf (FSX+P3D+FS2004)
The Mega Airport Dusseldorf by the German Airports team is now available. Germany´s third ranking international Airport with two parallel runways is the largest and primary airport for the Rhine-Ruhr metropolitan region - the largest metropolitan region in Germany. With 107 aircraft parking positions available it also is equipped to handle the A380. Germany´s top carriers Lufthansa and Air Berlin use this airport as one of their hubs.
Detail Miami City 2012 (FS2004)
Miami is a city located on the Atlantic coast in southeastern Florida and the county seat of Miami-Dade County, the most populous county in Florida and the eighth-most populous county in the United States with a population of 2,500,625. The 42nd largest city proper in the United States, with a population of 399,457, it is the principal, central, and most populous city of the South Florida metropolitan area, and the most populous metropolis in the Southeastern United States.
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