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Detail Beech 18 & Martha's Vineyard (FS2004)
The Beechcraft Model 18 is one of the most famous small twin aircraft. Powered by the superb Wasp Junior engines, it managed to beat time and is still flown all over the world in every possible environment. It is typical Beech aircraft, smooth, fast and efficient, but it is NOT easy to fly and needs a solid hand on the many controls.
Detail Coast Guard - Semper Paratus (FS2004 only)
"To Serve and Protect" The US Coast Guard is a complex organization that is part of the US military and has duties range from homeland security to the maintenance of navigation aids. But of course Search and Rescue remains an important role and Aerosoft now bring you the best in ships and helicopters so you can expand your flight simulator to the exiting world of the US Coast Guard!
Detail Eurowings 2004 - BAe 146 (FS2004 only)
What's better then an aircraft with two engines? Right, one with 4 engines and if possible one that is small enough to park on a small airport. The aircraft that is in a class of it's own. The BAe 146, aka Jumbolino.
Detail A-10 Warthog (FS2004)
The favourite fighter-jet A-10 Warthog was recreated with all its details. The stunning 3D-model is certainly one of to the best aircraft replica for Microsoft Flight Simulator ever.
Detail Piper Super Cub (FS2004 only)
The Piper Super Cub is a brilliant aircraft. It has to be, otherwise you would not see any this day and age. Covered in linen and an interior made of wires and plywood it looks like it does not belong in this century. But it does, because it has some qualities that stand out.
Detail Carenado - B58 Baron (FS2004)
The Carenado line of aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 has been well acclaimed by users and reviewers for many years and for good reason. They are well constructed, looks good and have impeccable behavior in flight. The cockpits are accurate and well equipped.
Detail Ultimate 757 Collection (FSX+FS2004)
The Ultimate 757 Collection is the most extensive 757 Package ever created for Microsoft Flight Simulator.
Detail Embraer Regional Jets (FS2004+FSX)
The ultimate regional jet for your FS2004 and FSX!
Detail DHC Beaver X (FSX+FS2004)
Our bestselling aircraft now fully FSX compatible ! This aicraft gets you everywhere, snow, water, soft runways or tarmac, there is a Beaver in this package for every terrain.
Detail Carenado - Cessna U206G Stationair 6 II (FS2004 only)
The reliable legend of aviation can go anywhere and do anything! Boasting seating for six and double cargo doors. the Stationair has the power, size and load-carrying muscles to handle almost any assignment from bushflying to flightseeing.
Detail Digital Aviation Piper Cheyenne X (FSX+FS2004)
This add-on for the Microsoft Flight Simulator X is an extraordinary replica of the twin engine Piper Cheyenne with a new developed weather radar. The package contains no less than four versions of the most successful Turboprop family: Cheyenne II, I, IA and IIXL.
Detail Digital Aviation Dornier Do-27 X (FSX+FS2004)
Many of those who came in contact with the Dornier Do-27 could hardly take their hands off it. This add-on for Microsoft Flight Simulator X is quite different compared to the other add-on aircraft you might have experienced.
Detail FlyLogic - Patrouille Suisse X (FSX+FS2004*)
You can now fly the entire Patrouille Suisse air show program (22 Min.) in FSX in a PS Tiger F-5E II! The world-famous Patrouille Suisse aerobatics team is getting ready to inspire the domestic PC! * FS2004 version incl. in the Box/CD-Version only!
Detail Carenado M-20J Mooney X (FSX+FS2004)
Fly the "Porsche of the skies"! Experience a new feel for flying with the Mooney M20-J by the famous Carenado development team. Set new speed records.
Detail Carenado PA28 & PA34 (FSX+FS2004)
Fly the most produced aircraft of the Piper company, the PA28RT 201 Arrow IV and PA34 200T SENECA II. The cockpits are accurate and fully equipped with the performance being as realistic as possible. Originally rebuilt aircraft models with an unbelievable visual quality, a true highlight for every light aircraft pilot.
Detail FlyLogic - Alouette II X (FSX+FS2004)
Fly the favourite Alouette II developed by Peter Salzgeber in FSX and FS2004. 33 different models and numerous highlights are included in this package.
Detail Seahawk & Jayhawk X (FSX+FS2004)
The Seahawk received all (!) prices for Flight Simulator helicopter we know about and it did get some of the most favorable reviews we have ever seen. So it was logical to move this product to FSX.
Detail Hawker Hunter (FSX+FS2004)
The Hawker Hunter, Record Breaker, Cold War warrior, and PPL legal! The Hunter, perhaps the most impossibly beautiful aircraft ever assembled. No, not assembled - but sculpted as though from a single block of aircraft grade aluminum.
Detail Wilco Cessna Citation X (FSX+FS2004)
This amazing software brings highly sophisticated 'Jet Set' flavour into your preferred simulator! Combining state of the art technology to an unmatched elegance, Citation X is a powerful business jet you will fall in love with for its wonderful look and aerodynamic shape.
Detail PMDG McDonnell Douglas MD-11 (FS2004 only)
PMDG's award winning development team is faithfully capturing the nuance, feel and character of this great airliner to a degree of detail never before seen in desktop simulation.
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