Pre-order: Virtual Fly SWITCHO series

Now you have the possibility to pre-order the new Virtual Fly SWITCHO series exclusively in the Aerosoft Online Shop.

The EFOS is our own EFIS. A very advanced desktop or cockpit-panel module with touch screen, which includes a complete PFD and a Glass cockpit software with EIS (Engine Information System) and Autopilot GFC 700.

The SWITCHO ENGINES is a desktop or cockpit-panel module. It is designed for engine starting of any Single & Twin engine Piston and Turboprop aircraft. This also includes the battery and avionics system. Enjoy one of the first modules in the market where the -5-Position ignition switch has a momentary START position with automatic return to BOTH. Just like the real thing!

The SWITCHO LIGHTS is a desktop or cockpit-panel module designed to activate the aircraft lights, tank fuel selector, fuel pumps, pitot heat and De-ICE.

The SWITCHO RADIOS is a desktop or cockpit-panel module with touch screen, designed to be a very complete Radiostack with extra indications. This Radiostack is designed for VFR and IFR flights, both for short-range and long-range aircraft. It includes all communication, radio, and auto-pilot necessary switches and rotaries. The touch screen shows a full annunciator panel, radio, auto-pilot, navigation, and flap and trim indications.

The SWITCHO TRIMS is a desktop or cockpit-panel module that incorporates the most important secondary controls of an aircraft. Trim for pitch and rudder/aileron, flap controls, Parking Brake, landing gear and cowl flaps (piston engines) or AutoFeather Inverter (for turbo-prop aircraft).

>> Virtual Fly designs and manufactures high-quality and precision flight simulator controls. You will find their equipment from the most humble homes up to the top flight schools and universities. Starting here, discover their extensive range of flight controls, from their well-known YOKO+ to the newest VFG1000.