Autobahn Police Simulator 3 PS4

PlayStation 4
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Your life as a law enforcement officer on Europe‘s fastest roads enters its third phase.
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Your life as a law enforcement officer on Europe‘s fastest roads enters its third phase. Get behind the wheel of your patrol car and take on a variety of new assignments and special missions.

Ensuring safety on the highway is a key role in your career as a police officer. Patrol the dense network of roads that make up the German autobahn as well as country roads which makes for some exciting car chases! There are a number of emergency vehicles at your disposal - from radio patrol cars to SUV.

Advance in the ranks to unlock more challenging missions, discover new skills, equipment and vehicles such as the civilian squad car for undercover operations. The game features various open world elements, enhanced interaction and an improved AI to bring you a lively game world as well as a diversified game experience.

Your adventure as a highway patrolman is waiting for you! Are you ready for action?


  • Different types of police cars – including an SUV, for use in a broad array of operations
  • Freely explorable map including both large and small cityscapes, industrial sites, major road as well as country roads
  • Dynamic traffic system
  • Different times of day
  • Interactive dialogues set to music
  • Authentic driving experience of the German highway
  • Various mission types offering a more diverse gameplay experience
    • Accidents and attacks
    • Traffic controls
    • Car chases
    • Roadblocks
    • Clean up operations
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