Road Maintenance Simulator PS5

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Numerous opportunities await you in the busy environment created in Road Maintenance Simulator!
Informations sur le produit "Road Maintenance Simulator PS5"

Numerous opportunities await you in the busy environment created in Road Maintenance Simulator!

Choose between 30 extensive missions with complex and interwoven tasks such as placing road markings, pruning trees, cleaning roadside verges, repairing roads, placing traffic signs and install crash barriers.

Drive any number of faithfully reproduced vehicles such as flatbed trucks with warning and reversing alarms, dumper trucks and road marking vehicles to name a few.

There is a large free-to-navigate road network with motorways, major routes and country roads from your work yard to the scene of the incident. Master a wide range of tasks by utilising the most appropriate vehicles and equipment.

There are many usable tools and objects available for your work, including motor vibrators, grab attachment, cordless screwdrivers, signage, delineators and crash barriers.

Master adventurous missions making full use of the detailed replicated vehicles and equipment in the new road maintenance simulator


  • Realistic graphic
  • Freely accessible road network with highway, main road and country road
  • AI traffic with cars and trucks
  • First person view on foot
  • First person/third person view in vehicles
  • Realistic tasks such as securing the work area, removing safety barriers, placing road markings, trimming trees, cleaning guard rails, cleaning roadsides, repairing roads, placing traffic signs, placing guard rails, placing delineators and much more
  • Usable tools (motor chisel, motor vibrator, garbage gripper and cordless screwdriver)
  • Usable objects (traffic beacon, traffic beacon bases, signs, delineators, guard rails, garbage bags)
  • 8 usable vehicles:
    • Platform truck
    • Platform truck with warning trailer
    • All-purpose vehicle with attachment: profile saw
    • All-purpose vehicle with attachment: washing unit
    • Combination roller
    • Road marking vehicle
    • Tar machine
    • Dump truck
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