SAM3 | Available now

The user interface has been fundamentally rethought, all functions have been integrated into the typical flow of a flight. Depending on the flight phase, the available functions are displayed which enables a fast usage.

New functions:

  • During flight planning, the planned and current aircraft weight is displayed.
  • The selection of the runway at the departure airport and the parking position at the destination airport are directly preselected for the FollowMe.
  • On the Departure page, you can now control the third-party plugin BetterPushback in addition to the FollowMe.
  • In the Parking area, the summary of the times and fuel of the completed flight is displayed.
  • New features in the options menu, such as the "always connect jetway" function, this basically connects jetways to the aircraft.



  • The SAM Suite installation manager known in SAM2 is not to be used for SAM3.
  • We have a new tool "ContentManager", which can now be run in game as well as externally. Also the activation of the extensions is done in the ContentManager.
  • For SAM3 to work correctly, old SAM2 versions should be completely uninstalled (including all extensions and SAM Suite itself.
  • Please keep in mind that after reinstallation all paid extensions have to be activated again. The SAM2 serials will still work.


Information SAM2:

  • SAM2 is now officially no longer supported, but remains online.
  • All SAM2 sceneries can still be used without any problems.
  • There is no need to update an already configured scenery.


The latest version (3.0.4) is available for download here

A detailed description of all new features and functions can be found here.

For more information about the latest SAM version, we recommend our online help. You can still use our support channel via email and now our new Discord server.

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