Helgoland professional for Prepar3D V4

Helgoland Professional is the successor of the popular Helgoland X and compatible with Prepar3D V4. The scenery brings it to a completely new level of detail and will offer you thrilling new options. Much of the scenery has been entirely redesigned. Rwy 21 has formerly been blocked by a high sand dune that is now entirely gone. While approaches got a bit easier here the southern end of the airport is now a place where waves break around the southern tip of the runway. 10 years ago this has been surrounded by a large beach. Owners of the scenery "Helgoland X" have the possibility to use our upgrade service.

New version features:

  • New: Entirely updated Duene island layout.
      - Major changes to the island's shape to match 2017 status
      - Updated imagery, improved resolution
      - Runways and aprons now have very high resolution textures (~5cm/pix) and improved rain effects.
      - Updated airport buildings with covered restaurant terrace and now transparent tower windows. Shifted new OLT hangar to its correct location and other minor updates to textures and models.
      - Added thousands of vegetation objects
      - Added hundreds of "Strandkörbe" on the beaches.
      - Added fascines to the beaches
  • New: Updated main island cliffs, replaced with more realistic textures.
  • New: Added detailed offshore maintenance heliport connected to the SAR heliport.
      - Very high resolution ground textures for both heliports.
      - Added details to SAR heliport (improved fences, signs...)

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