RealSimGear - Cirrus Throttle Quadrant

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The RealSimGear Cirrus Throttle Quadrant is an exact replica of the throttle quadrant found in...más
Información del producto "RealSimGear - Cirrus Throttle Quadrant"

The RealSimGear Cirrus Throttle Quadrant is an exact replica of the throttle quadrant found in the Cirrus SR22 and SR20 aircraft. Every detail has been faithfully re-created to provide the ultimate home training experience.

The throttle handle is CNC machined from solid Aluminium and includes a functional TOGA button. The flaps handle is included along with LED indicators for flap position. A three way rocker switch is provided for the fuel boost/prime pump and the fuel tank select lever allows you to switch between left and right fuel tanks as well as the off position.

PLEASE NOTE: The RealSimGear Cirrus Throttle Quadrant is designed to easily fit to the Cirrus Desktop Console or Perspective packages. A telescopic support leg (sold separately) is required if you plan on attaching the throttle to a GCU stack. The support leg is height adjustable for any desk height, and includes the adapter plate to attach the throttle to your existing GCU stack unit.

In the box:

  • RealSimgear Cirrus Throttle
  • USB Cable


  • Microsoft Flight Simulator (Version 2020)
  • X-Plane 11 / 12
  • Prepar3D
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  • X-Plane 11 / 12
  • Microsoft Flight Simulator (Version 2020)
  • P3D


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