Statement regarding Honeycomb situation

Dear Customers,
Dear Flightsim Community,

We are sure you all read the official statement from Nicki Repenning of Honeycomb over the weekend.

We would like to make a short comment on this:
This sudden announcement was not coordinated with us in advance and took us, just like you, by surprise.

We would like to take this opportunity to reassure you that sales and support for Alpha Flight Controls, Alpha Flight Controls XPC and Bravo Throttle Quadrant are assured by Aerosoft and will continue without restriction. We have sufficient stock and can fulfil all incoming orders immediately.

Speculation about a connection between Honeycomb’s announcement and our current sale of these three products is understandable, but completely unfounded.

Last year, we already planned and ran several promotions on a wide range of products throughout the winter until early 2024.
Our current Honeycomb sale was part of these promotions, has now been launched on a regular basis and is therefore unrelated to the manufacturer's announcement.

We understand your concern and uncertainty about the future of the Charlie Rudder Pedals resulting from Nicki Repenning's announcement.
We have therefore stopped pre-sales of the Charlie Rudder Pedals for the time being and are of course happy to accept any cancellations of your pre-order.

However, please be assured that we are working with Honeycomb themselves, as well as with the development/production and the ownership company to find a solution to the problem in order to ensure the distribution of the pedals in Europe as soon as possible.