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This Class 222 add-on for Train Simulator includes numerous Advanced custom features designed to... more
Product information "Class 222 Advanced"

This Class 222 add-on for Train Simulator includes numerous Advanced custom features designed to enhance the realism and accuracy of your driving experience - advanced operating controls, realistic systems, Driver’s Reminder Appliance, authentic sounds, partially simulated Train Management System, Driver's Safety Device and much more!

Introduced in 2004 and capable of 125 mph, the distinctive shape, effortless performance and striking liveries of the British Rail Class 222 passenger trains can be seen running up and down the Midland region of England.


  • Hull Trains (Pioneer)
  • Midland Mainline (Meridian)
  • East Midlands Trains (Meridian)

Vehicle types:

  • DMRFO (driving vehicle with 1st class seating)
  • MFO (first class seating)
  • MCO (first/standard class seating)
  • MSO (standard class seating)
  • MSRMB (standard class seating/buffet)
  • DMSO (driving vehicle with standard class seating)

Model features:

  • Bump mapping – gives greater and more realistic detail on the models
  • Cab sway movement as you start, stop, corner, accelerate and decelerate
  • Windscreen wipers clear rain from the driver’s front windows
  • ActivClag dynamic exhaust output - see the diesel smoke density vary under load, and light grey oil smoke is emitted from the exhaust on engine start
  • Animated passenger doors complete with external door interlock light and opening/closing sounds with warning beeper.
  • Passenger windows rain effect – see rain on the windows in passenger view
  • Authentic and detailed passenger cabin view – three different liveries and two view positions available
  • Acceleration and braking physics based on real timings
  • Lighting: Working external and internal door interlock lights & Working digital destination displays - in driver's windscreen and on the side of the passenger carriages. You can change the destination selection.
  • Realistic LED marker lights
  • Authentic headlight control including flashing 'hazard' setting
  • Cab lighting effects
  • Independently controlled main cab lighting and gauge illumination. There is even a separate controlled light to illuminate the driver's clipboard!
  • Working headlights illuminate the track ahead
  • Remote tail lights - the driver can enable/disable the tail lights on the non-driving end of the consist. The status of the remote lights can be seen on the indicator panel in the driver's cab.

Following Scenarios requiring the add-on "Midland Main Line London-Bedford Route":
JT 222 – Ailing Meridian (East Midlands Trains livery)
JT 222 – At The Double (East Midlands Trains livery)
JT 222 – Complete Failure (East Midlands Trains livery)
JT222 – Derby Departure (Midland Mainline livery)
JT 222 – Engineering Woes (East Midlands Trains livery)
JT 222 – Morning Meridian (East Midlands Trains livery)
JT 222 – Rush Hour Hell (East Midlands Trains livery)
JT 222 – The Launch Special (East Midlands Trains livery)
JT 222 – Sunday Sundown (East Midlands Trains livery)

Following Scenario requiring the add-on "East Coast Main Line London-Peterborough Route":
JT 222 – Home to Hull (Hull Trains livery)

System requirements:
Train Simulator
Windows 10 / 8 / 7 / XP / Vista
3.0 GHz PC or any Dual Core
512 MB RAM (1GB for Vista)
256 MB graphics card
Direct X 9.0c compatible sound card
480 MB hard drive space
Download-Size: 175 MB


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