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London Transport’s finest comes to Train Simulator with the London Transport Heritage Pack,...más
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London Transport’s finest comes to Train Simulator with the London Transport Heritage Pack, featuring classic capital traction for you to enjoy.

1938 Tube Stock
As their name suggests, the 1938 Stock was first introduced on deep-level ‘Tube’ lines shortly before the start of the Second World War. In particular, the Metro-Cammell-built 1938 Stock spent their first 50 years on the Bakerloo, Northern, Piccadilly, Central Lines and even the sub-surface East London Line. After ending their time with London’s railways in 1988, many units of the 1938 Stock were sent for scrap, a few carriages survived into preservation, however some were sold to Network SouthEast for service on the Isle of Wight.
Surprisingly, the ex-1938 Stock of the Isle of Wight, now classified as the BR Class 483, is still shuttling between Ryde and Shanklin to this day, making them the oldest passenger rolling stock still in service in the UK – pushing on for 80 years old!

In Train Simulator, the 1938 Stock is represented in Northern Line condition, complete with period destination boards and advertising. Driving the Tube Stock is most bespoke, and your time in the classically fitted driving cab will be a challenging yet rewarding experience as you run heritage services.

GWR 5700 Class
It’s no secret that the GWR loved their tank engines, what can be said, they were highly useful in many roles, but perhaps none more so than the 5700 Class. Known today as the ‘Pannier Tank’, GWR’s 5700 Class stood tall as an 863-strong fleet of locomotives that could cope with light goods, shunting, passenger, branch and even mainline use.

The Pannier Tank is represented authentically in the London Transport Heritage Collection, sporting the pristine maroon and gold livery as applied to a select few examples of the remaining locomotives. While a couple of the engines await restoration in real life, London Transport’s Panniers will be raring to steam in Train Simulator, with lucky passengers in-tow as you manage the pressure on the historical run.

BR Class 20
As the era of steam ended, the British railway network was in need on an entirely new generation of motive power. English Electric would be the starting gun for the country’s early diesels, and one of their pioneering designs, the Type 1, was built as a mixed-goods locomotive that could replace a large sum of not only steam traction, but also other early diesels which were proven unreliable. In recent years, the remaining Type 1 fleet, or as it was re-classified, the Class 20, is usually found on engineering trains, or of course passenger excursions.

For the London Transport Heritage Collection, BR Class 20 No. 20142 is featured in her newly applied maroon and gold livery, as the 20s are well known for engineering operations across London Underground lines and taking part in special celebrations. The 20s are nicknamed by enthusiasts as ‘Choppers’, owing to their distinctive helicopter-like sound when running under load, mow’s the time to put them through their paces and chop up the landscape while performing a beat.

Included Content:

  • LU 1938 Tube Stock in London Transport Maroon livery
  • Ex. GWR 5700 Class in London Transport Maroon & Gold livery
  • BR Class 20 in London Transport Maroon & Gold livery
  • Mk2 coaches in Network SouthEast livery
  • Push-pull coaches in Southern Green livery
  • BR Standard Van, TTA Tank & Conflat Wagons
  • Fictional London Transport Heritage route

Included Scenarios:

  • [1938] Red Red Line
  • [1938] The Old Breed
  • [1938] The Veteran Returns
  • [Pannier] Dehydration Emergency
  • [Pannier] The Heritage Show
  • [Class20] A Class of Stone
  • [Class 20] The Work Horse
  • [RailfanMode] Breakwater Docks
  • [RailfanMode] Spinswit Harbour
  • [RailfanMode] St Paul’s

Key Features:

  • 1938 Stock, BR Class 20 & GWR 5700 Class in London Transport livery
  • Passenger & Freight rolling stock
  • Fictional London Transport heritage route
  • Array of assets included for new or experienced route builders
  • 7 Career scenarios and 3 Railfan Mode scenarios
  • Driver Assist for the Pannier Tank Steam Locomotive
  • Quick Drive compatible

Internet connection and free STEAM-ACCOUNT for the activation required!

Notes: We provide a serial number with the purchase of this download version. Afterwards, you need to download this add-on via STEAM and activate it. This requires a STEAM account. Further information can be found in the installation instruction .

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Sound: Direct X 9.0c compatible
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