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  • virtualTracks
  • Jan Bleiß
  • 1.3
The add-on depicts the Berlin S-Bahn and long-distance rail ring as it was in 2022. A branch...más
Información del producto "VirtualTracks - Ringbahn Berlin"

The add-on depicts the Berlin S-Bahn and long-distance rail ring as it was in 2022. A branch line leads north to Pankow. The mainline railway can be used from Treptower Park to Treptow freight station (after a loop around the ring). Signals, safety equipment and track markings are available on the S-Bahn and mainline tracks. The S-Bahn signals are still secured with track stops.

The authors have gone to great lengths to make the cityscape as recognizable as possible.
Tempelhof Airport is an exception in the temporal representation. It is still used in the simulation. Some signal boxes that have already been demolished (Frankfurter Allee B2, Ostkreuz OKO) have been given a virtual memorial, contrary to the prototype. The signal boxes that are no longer in use do not look as rancid as they do in reality, but appear well maintained and preserved.

Enlaces de continuación a "VirtualTracks - Ringbahn Berlin"
  • Train Simulator (latest version)
  • European Loco and Asset Pack
  • CPU: Intel i5 or better
  • Memory: 16 MB or more
  • Hard disk for simulator and add-on: SSD-M2 min. 256 GB
  • Powerful graphics card with at least 4MB memory
  • The "Ringbahn Berlin" route runs entirely within the Berlin city limits, so the computer requirements are quite high.
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