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Thanks to the cooperation with FlixBus, Fernbus Coach Simulator lets you experience the world as...más
Información del producto "Fernbus Simulator PS5"

Thanks to the cooperation with FlixBus, Fernbus Coach Simulator lets you experience the world as a driver of large coaches on European highways and roads in great detail - now as well on the current console generation! Discover many countries and sights from
the Eiffel tower in Paris to the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin and even further.

Plan your own multi-stop-routes from the Netherlands over Belgium to Austria and drive non-stop. In a modern coach, you will experience the everyday life of a coach bus driver. New busses in the form of DLCs are already being planned. Navigate through a complex motorway and road network to bus stations in over 100 cities in Europe and stay in constant contact with the control centre.

Drive your bus safely on the highways by day and by night as well as in any season and weather. In the console version, over 50,000 km of FlixBus‘s European route network have been recreated. The time passes at a scale of about 1:10. As in reality, passengers board the buses at the bus stations via check-in or buy a new ticket from the driver.

The original passenger announcements provide a realistic atmosphere and construction sites will challenge you to keep up with the tight schedule.

Czechia, Luxembourg, Switzerland - where do you start your next Fernbus Simulator adventure?


  • In cooperation with FlixBus
  • Includes various busses: MAN Lion‘s Coach, MAN Lion's Intercity, Neoplan Skyliner, BB40
  • Over 50,000 km of drivable tracks in a 1:10 scale
  • Complex Autobahn and road network
  • Dynamic weather with four seasons
  • Over 100 cities throughout Europe
  • Driving by night and day
  • Bus driver is able to leave the bus
  • Animated passengers
  • True to original passenger announcements
  • Check-in and ticket sales at the driver
  • Free play mode, shuttle mode and Flixbus mode
  • Including several countries for a comprehensive Europe experience:
    • Germany
    • Netherlands
    • Czech Republic
    • Luxembourg
    • France
    • Austria
    • Switzerland
    • Belgium
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