Heavy Duty Challenge®: The Off-Road Truck Simulator PS5

PlayStation 5
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Experience unparalleled off-road driving in Offroad Truck Simulator: Heavy Duty Challenge®....más
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Experience unparalleled off-road driving in Offroad Truck Simulator: Heavy Duty Challenge®. Travel through the breathtaking landscapes of Utah‘s rugged terrain, delve into the dense European forests, and dominate diverse terrains in France, Poland, Austria, and Iceland. This game delivers an exhilarating off-road experience with an extensive fleet of massive and formidable trucks.

Master a variety of transport missions across the rugged US state of Utah or the picturesque European countryside. In the Cargo Mode, handle diverse types of cargo with finesse. Earn credits to mend your vehicles or unlock an even broader array of mighty trucks, enhancing your transport capabilities.

Embark on adventurous off-road journeys in the Open World Trips mode. Traverse vast landscapes and choose your preferred truck for a thrilling cross-country trip. Discover hidden treasures and unravel mysteries during your expeditions.

Navigate real licensed trucks through demanding terrains in the adrenaline-fueled Sports Mode. Compete in championship events set in genuine locations, where precise physics and intricate mechanics heighten your driving experience. Show off your skills, climb the online leaderboards, and reign as the ultimate champion.

Choose from over 12 meticulously detailed, massive trucks, each with unique cabins and authentic mechanics. Whether it‘s the agile Unimog U1 550L, the sophisticated MAN TGS 35.480, or the robust Hummer H1, Offroad Truck Simulator: Heavy Duty Challenge® caters to all trucking preferences.

Demonstrate your driving skills with a variety of control options. Choose between mouse and keyboard, a steering wheel, or a gamepad. Steering wheel users can enjoy force feedback for a more immersive and authentic driving experience.


  • Diverse game modes for endless entertainment
  • Beginner-friendly tutorial for easy game entry
  • Engaging transport missions in Cargo Mode
  • Freedom to drive in Off-Road Trips mode
  • Competitive championships in Sports Mode
  • Over 12 distinct trucks, 54 sports sections, and four expansive maps
  • Immersive interior truck views
  • Detailed damage, repair, and upgrade systems
  • Advanced realistic physics simulation
  • Comprehensive gamepad and wheel controller support with force feedback


  • Hummer H1
  • Unimog U1550L
  • MAN TGS 33.480
  • Mercedes-Benz SK 3553
  • Unimog 416 (two versions)
  • Avia 31T
  • IFA W50
  • Ural 375D
  • Steyr 1491
  • ZIL 131
  • MAN TGS 35.480
  • Mercedes-Benz 4158 AK
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