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Explore the streets of Munich in CityDriver and experience a driving experience like never...más
Información del producto "CityDriver PS5"

Explore the streets of Munich in CityDriver and experience a driving experience like never before - thanks to realistic physics, graphics, and sound. Choose from a variety of vehicles including sedans, electric cars, SUVs, sports cars or compact cars with electric or combustion engines and automatic or manual transmissions. Enjoy the fun of comfortable or sporty driving and discover the cars which are all interactive from the outside and inside.

You can put your driving skills to the test in an authentic environment in the inner-city, autobahn and state road routes. To make Munich even more realistic, there are several famous landmarks and historic buildings as well as AI-controlled vehicles and pedestrians, that obey the traffic rules and thus provide an immersive driving experience.

Various missions, such as transporting people or picking up and delivering to construction markets, restaurants, and traders, provide hours of fun.


  • Close to reality vehicle physics, graphics andsounds
  • Choose from various vehicle classes with electricor combustion engine, automatic or manualtransmission
  • Authentic driving in a real city with actual trafficrules
  • Realistic AI behavior with diverse vehicles andpedestrians
  • A 1:1 scale area of Munich‘s city center andinner-city highway / freeway / state road
  • Refuel or charge your car at petrol stations orcharging stations
  • Master various missions in driving practice as wellas at the traffic training area
  • Freeplay mode with varied missions and everydaytraffic situations
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