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ButtKicker Gamer PRO is the all new sim racing and gaming haptic hardware that reproduces...más
Información del producto "ButtKicker Gamer PRO"

ButtKicker Gamer PRO is the all new sim racing and gaming haptic hardware that reproduces immersive, accurate and powerful sim racing, flight sim and gaming eects making your lap times faster and your gaming experience better.

Experience realistic and accurate feedback from any game; engine dynamics in sim racing, incoming fire in your favorite battle royale, or the footsteps of an upcoming boss in an RPG. All from in game audio Gamer PRO attaches quickly and securely to most sim rigs and gaming chairs using its EasyClamp attachment mechanism.

Everything you need for PC use is in the box. Gaming console setups are supported with third party HDMI or Optical extractors*.
*HDMI and Optical Extractors not included and must be purchased separately.

ButtKicker HaptiConnect is haptic software that enhances and extends the capabilities of new and existing ButtKicker hardware - especially interesting for flight simulation enthusiasts, check it out for yourself in this interview with private pilot Kay!

Simply register your product at ButtKicker and download the HaptiConnect Standard Software for free: https://thebuttkicker.com/products/buttkicker-hapticonnect-software

Gamer PRO is larger and more powerful than Gamer PLUS and is ideal for racers and gamers who want more and those who have larger and heavier setups.

Open up a new world of immersion and control by feeling the track surface, vehicle grip, and all the haptic feedback that’s crucial for setting fast laps. Add a new sense of control to sim racing, bring more immersion to FPS and RPGs. Whatever you play, Gaming is Better with ButtKicker.

Package Contents:

  • ButtKicker Gamer PRO Haptic Transducer with EasyClamp™attachment mechanism
  • 150 watt ButtKicker Gamer PRO Amplifier with wireless remote
  • ~9.8’ cable with quick release connecting to Amplifier
  • ~3.3‘ cable with quick release and bare wire connecting to Gamer PRO transducer
  • Mini “Y” adapter
  • ~6.5’ RCA to mini (3.5mm) cable
  • ~6.5’ USB C to Type A cable
  • Two Velcro® cables ties


  • Product Weight: 11.9 lbs / 5.4 kg
  • Amplifier Power: 150 Watts @ 2 Ohms
  • Tranducer Clamp Range: Up to 1.77” / 45mm
  • System Compatibility: PC, PlayStation, Xbox
  • Voltage Range: 100V - 240V Universal

Unlike a subwoofer that moves air (and loses accuracy and force), ButtKicker haptic transducers move actual mass, producing a tactile immersion that's powerful and accurate.

Turn down or off your subwoofer and still feel all the feedback you want. It even works while using headphones or a gaming headset - no need to make the room loud to experience deep gaming immersion.

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