On The Road - Truck Simulator PS5

PlayStation 5
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From 18-ton trucks to gigaliners, On The Road - Truck Simulator offers you everything a... altro
Informazione prodotto "On The Road - Truck Simulator PS5"

From 18-ton trucks to gigaliners, On The Road - Truck Simulator offers you everything a trucker‘s heart desires.

In this realistic truck simulation over 6500 km of motorway and country road to explore - including many detailed and triangles are recreated in great detail. Get behind the wheel of a MAN TGX or Scania R-Series and explore over 15 German cities such as Hamburg, Bremen, Cologne, Hanover and Berlin, which feature unique road designs and typical sights. But even during your journey there are numerous other points of points of interest to discover.

Thanks to the cooperation with MAN and Scania the trucks are extremely realistic - including automatic transmission, retarder/intarder and driving aids.From compact box bodies to articulated lorries to gigaliners, you have the right freight volume for every delivery job.

On The Road also has an economic system. Start your own company and hire drivers so you can take on more jobs. Plan your routes as efficiently as possible, but always keep an eye on the prescribed rest periods.

Get on the road - Germany‘s roads await you!


  • Ca. 6000 km of motorway and 600 km of country road, to a scale of 1:10
  • Numerous detailed models of motorway inter changes
  • 16 cities, some of them with unique road designs (e.g. roundabouts or bridges)
  • Numerous POIs in cities and near motorways and country roads
  • All large waterways
  • Ground based on real satellite data
  • Licensed vehicles from Scania and MAN
  • MAN TGX (2016) as semi-trailer 4x2, box 4x2, and box 6x2
  • Scania R Series (2013) also as semi-trailer 4x2, box 4x2, and box 6x2
  • Trailer: box semi-trailer, tandem, bolter, and Gigaliner (dolly + semi-trailer)
  • Trailers, semi-trailers, Gigaliner
  • Automatic transmission
  • Retarder/Intarder
  • Driver card
  • Solo drives
  • Economic system
  • Found your own company
  • Complex route planning with combined routes and rest times
  • Purchase trucks and trailers
  • Hire drivers
  • Leaving vehicles is possible and required
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