Three Country Corner Route

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Drive 130km (80 miles) of track through Austria, Germany and Switzerland, passing through
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Drive 130km (80 miles) of track through Austria, Germany and Switzerland, passing through 40 detailed stations! A tour de force in route design, with stunning scenery, country-specific signalling systems and custom objects throughout, the Three Country Corner Route is probably the most authentic, realistic and detailed route for Train Simulator to date!

The Three Country Corner route lies at the heart of Europe and covers three countries. It starts at Lake Constance in Germany on the Island of Lindau, crosses over to the mainland on a railway dam, and then follows the shores of Lake Constance to the city of Bregenz in Austria.
From there you have two choices - either continue on the main line or take a branch line into Switzerland. This branch line crosses the River Rhine, which forms the border between Austria and Switzerland, and continues on to the city of Rorschach where the line terminates.
The main line starts its slow climb through the valleys to the city of Bludenz, surrounded by the often snow-capped mountains of the Alps, then becomes a single track mountain pass (Arlberg Pass) that winds its way through the Alps. When the tracks reach the very top of the pass at St. Anton, the route finishes.


  • 130km (80 miles) of track covering three countries (Austria, Germany and  Switzerland)
  • 40 detailed stations
  • Four different and highly realistic signalling systems
  • Specially designed and accurate country-specific gantry systems
  • Custom signs along the route (speed signs, hectometer signs, warning signs etc.)
  • Detailed and accurate country-specific station assets (platforms, ticket machines, signs, platform roofs etc.)
  • All major features such as tracks, main roads, rivers, bridges and tunnels are accurately placed
  • Specially designed tracks replicate the real-world tracks along the route
  • Newly created track rule including realistic super-elevation
  • Many custom buildings along the route
  • Route-specific assets such as noise reduction walls and snow-retaining walls
  • Faithful re-creation of the Arlberg Pass line including all the rapid gradient changes
  • Detailed night lighting taking advantage of TSX technology
  • PZB speed monitoring system (if a warning signal indicates that the following main signal says 'Proceed at 60kph' then the PZB will check whether the train driver is actually slowing down. If not, it will activate an emergency brake. It will also activate an emergency brake if the driver runs a red light or approaches a red light too fast)
  • Includes 10 Standard scenarios and 5 Free Roam scenarios - available in English or German, depending on your language settings
  • Route is Quick Drive enabled

Lindau (Germany) - Lauterach (Austria):

  • Lindau
  • Lindau - Reutin
  • Lochau-Hoerbranz
  • Bregenz Hafen
  • Bregenz
  • Riedenburg
  • Lauterach

Lauterach (Austria) - Rorschach (Switzerland):

  • Lauterach
  • Hard (closed)
  • Lustenau
  • St Margrethen
  • Rheineck
  • Staad
  • Rorschach

Lauterach (Austria) - St. Anton (Austria):

  • Wolfurt
  • Schwarzach
  • Haselstauden
  • Dornbirn
  • Schoren
  • Hatlerdorf
  • Hohenems
  • Altach
  • Goetzis
  • Klaus
  • Sulz
  • Rankweil
  • Feldkirch - Amberg
  • Feldkirch
  • Frastanz
  • Schlins
  • Nenzing
  • Ludesch
  • Nueziders
  • Bluden
  • (Start of Arlbergpass)
  • Bings (closed)
  • Braz (closed)
  • Hintergasse (closed)
  • Dalaas (closed)
  • Wald (closed)
  • Langen
  • St. Anton

Scenario 1: Route Introduction – Part 1
It’s your first day on the Three Country Corner Route and you are joined by an experienced driver who will talk about items of interest on the route and point out some useful information regarding the signals. Take a Regional Express train (REX) from Lindau to Bludenz.
This is an easy scenario with lots of information and useful tips about the route.v
Length: 50 minutes
Locomotive: BR101

Scenario 2: Route Introduction – Part 2
After a short break in Bludenz, you take over the Eurocity train from Zurich to Vienna and drive it up the mountain pass.
This second introductory scenario is very easy and will provide you with plenty of background information about the mountain pass.
Length: 40 minutes
Locomotive: BR101

Scenario 3: Night Train Through The Valleys
It’s a nice warm summer’s night and your job is to take an Intercity train from Bludenz to Lindau.
This is an easy scenario which highlights the night lighting along the route.
Length: 45 minutes
Locomotive: BR101

Scenario 4: From Port to Port
It’s 2004 and the Lake Constance Shipping Company is celebrating its 120 year anniversary. Thousands of spectators are flocking to the lake and the railways are running special trains between the ports. Take control of one of these trains from
Lindau to Rorschach-Hafen.
This is a medium difficulty scenario with a diesel locomotive. Regular traffic has the right of way so there are some red signals along the route. Hundreds of additional people are placed along the route, including some spotters.
Length: 35 minutes
Locomotive: BRV200

Scenario 5: Down We Go
It’s a cold winter’s day and a heavy freight train has arrived at the top of the pass. Drive it all the way down to Bludenz and then on to the freight station at Wolfurt. A medium difficulty scenario with a very long and heavy freight train restricted to 110kph. Keep an eye out for other traffic and slippery tracks.

Length: 70 minutes
Locomotive: BR143

Scenario 6: No Business like Snow Business
Winter has started in the Alps and the snow has arrived. Take a freight train from Wolfurt to Rorschach where a Swiss colleague will take over.
Medium difficulty scenario with some signals slowing down the train. The signalling in Switzerland shows some of the more complex indications.
Length: 25 minutes
Locomotive: BR143

Scenario 7: There and Back
Some wagons need to be picked up from the quarry in Hohenems. Jump into a loco,pick them up and bring them to Wolfurt.
This is a medium difficulty scenario with a diesel shunting loco. First you need to drive to the quarry to pick up some wagons, then bring them to a siding at the freight station in Wolfurt. You’ll encounter many red signals on your route as normal traffic has the right of way.
Length: 30 minutes
Locomotive: BR294

Scenario 8: REX Feldkirch-Bregenz
It’s a lovely evening and you are to drive a REX from Feldkirch to Bregenz. Everything looks fine – but expect the unexpected!
A hard scenario with some challenges along the way as you try to keep to a strict timetable.
Length: 35 minutes
Locomotive: BR101

Scenario 9: The Three Country Hop
It’s a busy Monday morning and you are about to take charge of a stopping passenger train from Switzerland to Germany via Austria.
This is a very hard scenario with challenges coming from a tight timetable and heavy traffic. There are also some signals which will slow your train down as well as EC and IC train traffic which has the right of way. You will have to be familiar with all four signalling systems along the route as you will encounter all of them in this scenario.
Length: 40 minutes
Locomotive: BR101

Scenario 10: Stopping Service to Feldkirch
It’s a grey and rainy day in the valleys. Take over a passenger stopping service from Lindau to Feldkirch and try to stick to a very tight timetable. A very hard scenario with lots of stops along the way. You need to keep to a very tight timetable and will have plenty of traffic to contend with along the route.

Length: 55 minutes
Locomotive: BR101

Free Roam Scenarios:
Five Free Roam scenarios are also included.

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  • Train Simulator (latest version)
  • + European Loco & Asset Pack and US Loco & Asset Pack required
  • Windows 10 / 11
  • 3.0 GHz PC or any Dual Core
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 256 MB video card with Pixel shader 2.0 (AGP/PCE only)
  • Direct X 9.0c compatible sound card
  • 1.3 GB hard drive space
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