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The new C2 Family Vol. 1 City Buses is a vehicle add-on created by OMSI 2 fans for OMSI 2
Informations sur le produit "OMSI 2 Add-on C2 Family Vol. 1 City Buses"

The new C2 Family Vol. 1 City Buses is a vehicle add-on created by OMSI 2 fans for OMSI 2 fans.

A total of 7 different versions of the popular C2 bus are waiting to be used in the OMSI 2 bus simulator. Whether 2-, 3- or 4-door, solo or articulated bus versions, all models have been authentically designed and programmed with the aim of achieving the builders' own quality standards.

The versions are available as neutral and some as repaints for various popular payware or freeware maps. Further adapted versions of well-known transport companies are in planning and will be added later if necessary.

Specially recorded and edited original sounds round off the character of the buses, be it the hissing of the doors, the clicking of the switches or the engine noise.

For friends of their own modifications, attention was paid from the beginning to the possibility of doing this later according to their own wishes. The interiors can be configured to a large extent. The arrangement of seats and grab rails as well as the textures of seat upholstery, floors, floor mouldings, dividers and pictograms can be adapted and changed.

The C2 Family Vol.1 City Buses is a vehicle add-on for the Omnibus Simulator OMSI 2, which represents the most common bus models in Germany, but also other countries.

The following models are included:

  • C2 Solo 2 door and 3 door
  • C2 Articulated 3 doors and 4 doors
  • C2 K 2 door and 3 door
  • C2 LE


  • Seven different bus types in one package (C2 Solo 2/3 door, C2 Articulated 3/4 door, C2 K 2/3 door, C2 Low-Entry)
  • Build date: end of 2016 to end of 2018
  • Includes numerous repaints
  • Performance friendly implementation
  • Specially recorded original sound
  • Detailed dashboard
  • AFR4 cash register system
  • Matrix displays in different colors
  • Modding-friendly templates
  • Various setvar settings: Air conditioning, seats, hubcaps, etc.
  • Further repaints for well-known OMSI maps and from well-known transport companies in the planning stage
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  • OMSI 2 (at least version 2.3)
  • Windows 10 (64bit)
  • Dual-Core, e.g. Core i5 with 2.8 GHz or comparable (Quad-Core with 3.0 GHz recommended)
  • 4 GB main memory
  • 3D graphics card with at least 1,024 MB (2,048 MB recommended)
  • Sound card
  • 10 GB free hard disk space
  • DirectX 9.0c compatible hardware and software

Internet connection and Steam user account required!

Notes: We provide a serial number with the purchase of this download version. Afterwards, you need to download this add-on via STEAM and activate it. Further information can be found in the installation instruction.

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