PILOT'S - Boeing B314A Add-on P3D V5

P3D V5 + Boeing B314 Pro
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Known as the absolute quintessential flying boat, the majestic Boeing B314 Clipper is an... mehr
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Known as the absolute quintessential flying boat, the majestic Boeing B314 Clipper is an unmistakable icon of the flying boat era. Foynes, Ireland, well-known for its claim to fame for being the birthplace of Irish coffee during this time, served as an aviation hub between North America and Europe, and with the highly anticipated B314 from PILOT’S, virtual pilots too can since a year recreate the many Atlantic crossings that made the fleet of Pan Am Clippers famous.

Now, however, it is not only possible to cross the Atlantic, but with this Add-On B314A, you will now be able to master the Pacific as well.

Please note: This is NOT a standalone add-on. To be able to use it, you will need the Boeing B314 - The Clipper Pro product installed.

Although none of the original 12 Clipper aircraft were preserved, the inspiration to create this PILOT’S study level representation of the B314 and B314A is to allow this majestic flying machine to yet again take to the skies, even if just to the virtual skies!

Main Features Pro Version

  • Study level concept, below are some of the many and unique features
  •  Complete Virtual Cockpit featuring accurately simulated Navigation and Radio Room
  • Sperry Type A Gyropilot, different in fuction B314 and B314A
  • Authentic and realistic gauges to facilitate realistic engine startup procedure 2D and VC
  • Prototypes included (Single-Fin, Twin-Fin)
  • Custom Sound Package by ArezOne-Aviation Soundstudios
  • Authentic colour matching and simulated original materials
  • Mooring lights and lines
  • Simulated Shore Power when the B314 is moored
  • 4k Textures
  • Comprehensive manuals about aircraft history, functions and Gyropilot
  • Navigation aids to feed the Gyropilot for transocean (Atlantic/B314 and Pacific/B314A) navigation

Additional Features (compared to Boeing B314 - The Clipper)

  • B314A A3 gyropilot responds more quickly than the earlier B-314 A2 gyropilot, as it was in real life (B314A Add-on required)
  • Step-by-step instructions on engaging and disengaging the gyropilots
  • Three BOAC textures for the B314A: G-AGBZ Bristol, G-AGCB Bangor and G-AGCA Berwick (B314A Add-on required)
  • All-new cockpit textures for the B314A only representing an aircraft that has been hardly used (B314A Add-on required)
  • Weight and balance sheet for both versions that behaves as close as possible to how a real world paper version would be used
  • Updated manuals that have almost doubled in size. In particular, the part 1 manual 'The Aircraft' contains photographs that have only recently become available as they were in private hands
  • Three new scenarios for the B314A including one where G-AGCA Berwick is set up in level flight with the gyropilot engaged, allowing you to practice with it (B314A Add-on required)
  • North Pacific Ocean weatherships added for the B314A (B314A Add-on required)
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  • Lockheed Martin Prepar3D V5.x (immer aktuellste Version empfohlen)
  • + PILOT'S - Boeing B314 - The Clipper Pro Version P3D V5
  • Microsoft Windows 7 / 8.1 / 10 (64-bit)
  • CPU: Intel i5 2.8 GHz / AMD (Intel i7 oder höher empfohlen)
  • Systemspeicher: 8 GB RAM (mehr RAM empfohlen)
  • Videospeicher: 4 GB VRAM (8+ GB sehr empfohlen)
  • Maus mit Scrollrad (2D Panels)
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