Welcome to Tahiti and the Windward Islands! Explore the breathtaking atolls, sandy beaches and mountainous islands of the South Pacific. Read more >>
The price of X-Plane 12 will increase to 89.99€ after December 31, 2023. Buy now for 59.99€! Read more >>
Three individually approachable airports will be included in part 2 of Society Islands XP - in the new development update you can read all about the current status of the scenery, as well as new images. Read now! Read more >>

Embraer E-195 | X-Plane 12

Flight Procedures Simulation (FPS) released a brand-new, highly detailed version of the E-195 based on the popular E-Jet Evolution series for X-Plane 12. Available now for download! Read more >>
Faroe Islands XP is now available on Steam as well! Additionally, you can save 30% until July 13. Read more >>

Svalbard XP | Update

Update 1.1 for Svalbard XP (previously Svalbard4XPlane) is out now! The patch includes an XP12 compatible terrain mesh and optimized LODs, among other improvements. Read more >>
Saint Croix XP is now available on Steam as well! Additionally, you can save 30% until June 25. Read more >>
Saint Croix XP for X-Plane 11/12 has been updated to version 1.1 - the patch includes XP12 compatibility for the terrain mesh as well as numerous other improvements. Read more >>
Rotate's MD-80 Pro is now available as a beta version for X-Plane 12 as well. For owners of the XP11 version there's also an upgrade option. Read more >>

Airport Marseille XP

Marseille XP includes a custom replica of the LFML Marseille airport - now available for X-Plane 12 in the Aerosoft Shop. Read more >>
With Society Islands XP - Bora Bora & Leeward Islands, the first X-Plane 12 DLC is now available on Steam. Read more >>
The Airbus A320 Neo (New Engine Option) is a modern, fuel-efficient variant of the popular A320 family of short-to-medium range, narrow-body commercial aircraft. The A320neo was introduced in 2016 to offer airlines enhanced performance, lower operating costs, and reduced environmental impact. Read more >>
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