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  • AS12973
  • Wilco Publishing
  • English
  • 2.0 (P3D V4)
The TBM850 has been studied in-depth to provide the best to the PC pilot.  Every tiny...plus
Informations sur le produit "TBM850 Elite"

The TBM850 has been studied in-depth to provide the best to the PC pilot.  Every tiny detail, every panel screw and rivet are meticulously depicted in 3D. Even the tyres have raised lettering and are grooved !  More cockpit functions than ever before. Super detailing in the cabins, cockpits and exteriors.

Cockpit arrays and instruments built by the best in the business bring you new levels of functionality and interactivity to make your flight experience rewarding and challenging. Flight dynamics programmed by real-world aviation engineers bring a new sense of reality to your virtual skies.
Socata TBM850 - The fastest single-engine turboprop
Up to 320Kts, the TBM850 offers the cruise speeds typical of light jets with the efficiency and economy of a single-engine turboprop. The large propeller can be utilized as a powerful aerodynamic brake, allowing landing on extremely short strips and runways.

What makes WILCO's TBM850 unique?

  1. Both PFDs, pilot and copilot, are independent (like the real thing).
  2. Wilco’s TBM850 has a realistic boot sequence with power switches on both 2D and 3D PFD and MFDs.
  3. Highly readable instruments units.
  4. Using C code, switching controls are reliable and allows functionality and sophisticated/realistic alarms, messages and functions compared to XML-only code found on most other publisher’s add-ons.
  5. Wilco’s TBM850 has VNAV capability.
  6. Wilco’s TBM850 features a fuel management capability.
  7. Wilco’s TBM850 GPS page is easy to access, using a simple PAGE access key.
  8. Wilco’s TBM850 uses a multicolor display for the terrain/TOPO map.
  9. Wilco’s TBM850 MFD has both an HSI style and arc style compass display.
  10. Wilco’s TBM850 MFD map offers a NORTH UP/PLANE HDG orientation option, easy to select via the main menu.
  11. Wilco’s TBM850 checklists are implemented the way they are in the real-world.
  12. Wilco’s TBM850 features an off-course/waypoint track monitor.
  13. Wilco’s TBM850 PFD utilizes a comprehensive pilot message/alert system (different from the FS default one).
  14. Wind data display on the Wilco’s TBM850 PFD.
  15. Wilco’s TBM850 has default settings/preferences capability and remembers user’s default preferences on map displays, compass displays, ?sounds, etc.
  16. Wilco’s TBM850 has access to the entire procedures menu, selecting approach, etc., directly from the PFD.
  17. Wilco’s TBM850 provides a detailed and comprehensive 84-page manual.
  18. Based on real aircraft pictures and videos, Wilco’s TBM850 shows realistic spoilerons that operates as they are in the real life.
  19. Wilco TBM landing gear and bay are highly detailed (based on hundreds of close-up pictures of the real aircraft Wilco took).
  20. With Wilco’s TBM850 the main door has five individual animated security indicators modelled into the holes (green and red indicators which show when the door is locked/unlocked).
  21. Wilco’s TBM850 shows dust and discolouration on the panels and around knobs and switches.
  22. Wilco’s TBM850 uses real Socata sounds, not the default FS ones.

Exterior model:

  • Built over the best plans available and with direct access to the real aircraft.
  • Elite : standard version with no door and the Elite with a door and Passenger/Freight rear
  • Comprehensive feature list includes correct operation of the “ailerspoilers” – narrow airbrake-like assisters that improve aileron authority.
  • Accurate flap operating gear, fully detailed landing gear and even individually modeled ventilation louvres in the airframe.
  • All doors and hatches open to reveal battery packs and a fully detailed engine bay.
  • Additional items include an authentic GPU on its own trolley, intake and exhaust muffs, pre-flight flags, prop-tie-downs and wheel chocks (all switchable from the VC).
  • Amazing detailed HiDefinition textures bring the aircraft to realistic life and include specially developed techniques for rain spotting and streaking, stains and dirt and uniquely rendered “bump”mapping reproduces panel ripple and pillowing!
  • Correct prop/engine thrust off-set.
  • High resolution reflective and chrome textures.
  • Fully animated, realistic pilot movements
  • A choice of female or male left seat pilots is provided and also a lifelike passenger who switches from inside to outside the aircraft when unloading luggage.
  • Models can be selected with and without this passenger.
  • High quality digital stereo sounds recorded directly from the real aircraft.
  • Models available include options for pilot door or no pilot door in a more basic style, CARGO version.

Interior model:

  • Using the very latest in modelling and texturing techniques, the interior is practically real!
  • The panels themselves have leather grain finishes which hold their detail even in extreme closeup.
  • All placards are reproduced in pin-sharp clarity and can be read at any distance.
  • Every switch, knob and lever works just like the real thing – many with unique programming code.
  • Inside animations : yoke hiding in the Virtual Cockpit, pull out coffee cup holders, sunvisors that can be dragged to any position, pull out tables in the cabin,...
  • Leather finishes in the cabin are incredibly realistic and add to the feeling of quality comfort in the interior. You can almost smell the leather!

Programmed specifically for this Wilco TBM, the panels include fully functional MFD and PFD units which not only operate realistically but have traffic avoidance systems built in.  The big central Garmin 1000 unit is controlled by a fully functional, specially programmed control unit, just like the real aircraft!

Panel Features:

  • All-glass integrated flight deck with a Garmin G1000 avionics suite
  • Two fully-featured 10.4” TFT LCD Primary Flight Display (PFD)
  • Both PFD (Primary Flight Display) operates independantly as in the real TBM850, to display more information at one time across the panel
  • Multiple 2D pop up windows with glideslope, ILS, Autopilot NAV/COM, ADF and TRANSPONDER integration.
  • A 15’’ TFT LCD Multi-Function Display (MFD) which has:
    • Fully automated LNAV and VNAV capability down to 250 decision height for LPV approaches (localiser guidance)
    • WAAS/LPV approach capable
    • Two moving map displays (orientation)
    • Terrain avoidance system TAS
    • Traffic Avoidance TCAS
    • Flight Plan input
    •  EICAS  Engine and systems display (TRQ, Prop RPM, NG%, ITT, Oil Pressure and Temperature)
    • Fuel management display
  • All soft-touch buttons are 3D modelled and coded for complete realism
  • 3D modelled exact replica of the Garmin display control unit (DCU) fully integrated and  interactive with the central Garmin display.
  • Cabin Pressurization display
  • Battery, Generator and Bus displays
  • ETM (Engine Trend Monitoring)
  • Flaps, Elevator, Rudder and Ailerons trims indicators
  • NAV/COM radios, ADF, Transponder and autopilot functions
  • Normal and Emergency Checklists on screen
  • Chart view

A complete GARMIN1000 operator’s manual is included, written in a style to make mastering the systems simple and enjoyable.

Flight dynamics have been programmed by real-world aviation engineers and test-flown by real pilots with TBM experience and offer a challenging and rewarding flight experience.

General features:

  • Compatible with Microsoft Flight Simulator X and Lockheed Martin Prepar3D
  • ‘Blank livery’ Paint Kit to create your own paint schemes (PhotoShop required)
  •  DX9 / DX10 compatible
  • Frame-rate friendly
  • Easy-to-use operating manual
  • Checklists and performances tables supplied

VRinsight : Tact & Toggle Switch, Multi Switch Panel, Instrument Radio Stack
Go Flight modules : GF-166A VRP, GF-46, GF-P8, GF-T8, GF-MCP, GF-LGT (II)
Track IR (Natural Point)
TCAS supporting online flights on IVAO and VATSIM networks
Support for any network using the FS multiplayer mode.

Complexity of some procedures and/or equipment functionnalities have been reduced to suit beginners and medium skilled simmers.

Liens supplémentaires vers "TBM850 Elite"

Microsoft Flight Simulator X (with SP1 & SP2 or Acceleration Pack), FSX: Steam Edition or Lockheed - Martin Prepar3D V1.4-4.x
Windows XP / 7 / 8 /10 (32/64 bit)
Pentium V/2 GHz or similar
Minimum 2 GB RAM (Recommended 4 GB RAM)
512 MB graphic card
Download-Size: 420 MB
Installations-Size: 1,23 GB

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