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Peppered with many dozens of new vehicles, the add-on "Railworks Scenario Pack Vol 1" allows for... mehr
Produktinformationen "Railworks Szenario-Pack Vol. 1"

Peppered with many dozens of new vehicles, the add-on "Railworks Scenario Pack Vol 1" allows for the first time a realistic operating on the Railworks route "Berlin-Wittenberg."
In addition to a most faithful vehicle use a special emphasis was put on the ground operational processes in this add-on - special work situations and instructions from the dispatcher to make the delivered scenarios to a challenge.

Nevertheless, the view of reality remains - the original timetables and train formations were implemented as far as possible. The tasks are mainly located in the Roadmap 2009.
In addition, the popular station announcements are used.
Furthermore the departure indicators on the platforms are labeled appropriately for the first time in our scenarios.

By using scenario scripts also some peculiarities on German Railworks routes could be set in scene.
There is so much to explore and plenty of material for hobbyists.

If you count all together with this add-on delivered vehicles in their (loading and varnishing) versions, it results in between 300 vehicles.
With this scale the scenario package has the potential to become a standard work of the scenario builder.

All delivered vehicles - whether AI (artificial intelligence, only for the computer-controlled traffic) - have original sound capes and special features to enhance the realism. The respective functionality is described throughout this manual carefully.



  • 10 scenarios for the route Berlin-Wittenberg in according to the original schedules and with mostly original car progressions, mainly settled around the years 2008/2009.
    Each scenario in two version: with and without use of the Plus Pack cars - so the Plus Packs are optional, but strongly recommended, especially because the station announcements only work with their use
  • TTB SP1 01: RE38213 - replacement set or 01b RE38213 - the return trip:
    Drive with replacement set (143er-Sandwich IR vehicle) on the line Berlin central station - Ludwigsfelde - Berlin central station
  • TTB SP1 02:
    RE4 Berlin central station – Jüterbog
  • TTB SP1 03: RE38324 - the last train:
    Nightly RE5 Jiiterbog - Berlin central station with stops at all stations
  • TTB SP1 04: RE33111 - Summer storms:
    RE5 Berlin central station - Lutherstadt Wittenberg with Rostock replacement kit: BR143 5 Hanseatic-Express-Dostos.
  • TTB SP1 05: IC2159 - Again and again Friday:
    IC Berlin central station - Lutherstadt Wittenberg in Friday traffic
  • TTB SP1 06: IC2151 - Flying Berlin:
    IC Lutherstadt Wittenberg - Berlin central station
  • TTB SP1 07: IR2283 - The last of its kind:
    IR from Berlin Schoenefeld to Jiiterbog in May 2006
  • TTB TTB SP1 08: DBV93298 - give way:
    Stahlbrammenzug with BR151 Genshagener Heide - Jüterbog with several overhauls
  • TTB SP1 09: CS53745 - snow flurries:
    Container train from Großbeeren to Lutherstadt Wittenberg, first maneuvering in Großbeeren and brake testing
  • TTB SP1 10: CS42147 - The Accelerated:
    Block train Lutherstadt Wittenberg - Genshagener Heide


  • Double-deck car (9):
    Each 1.Kl.l, 2nd class - and control cars in the versions "RE160", "Regio DB" and "Hanse-Express". Original sound and Pixel perfect destination display with a variety of destinations.
  • IC cars (37):
    Car set with inter-regional and inter-city cars of various types and finishes. Original sound. Doors opening and closing randomly displaced.
  • Married Pair cars (8):
    NOB-car set of InterConnex. Extensive sound and adjustable train destinations. Version "NOB blank" and "InterConnex".
  • Rmms 662 (4):
    Heavy truck with original sound and coupled brake hoses. Empty and loaded with steel slabs, cable drums or tanks L6A2.
  • Falns cars (14):
    Self-unloading car in 14 versions (DB & PKP) and extensive sound.
  • Fas car (4):
    Side-dump truck in 4 versions (DB Cargo & Railion) and extensive sound.

Other AI trains:

  • ICE 1:
    Various complete organizations, original sound. Given names selected.
  • ICE-T (BR411):
    Train set with original sound and active tilt technology. Blind window, ICE logo and ÖBB logo attached. Given Name, the bow ramp and pantograph preselected.
  • BR114/143 (5):
    Versions with / without platform displays, MEG & RBH and original sound.
  • BR146.2 (2):
    Locomotives for the InterConnex use. Destination displays labeled and original sound.
  • BR151 (5):
    Versions of DB Cargo / Railion, RBH and the green designated museum locomotive and original sound.
  • BR145/185 (52):
    Numerous freight locomotives with original sound and the pantograph area code. Destination display of the Regio-145 can be labeled.
  • BR218.8 (2):
    ICE towing service locos with Scharfenberg couplers and original sound.
  • BR423 (5):
    Stuttgart set as Berlin's "S21". Original Sound relegendable destination signs.
  • BR481:
    Berlin S-Bahn with original sound. Doors opening and closing randomly in time offset, similar to ZAT.
  • Subway type A3L:
    Berlin Subway for the AI use on the railway triangle.
  • IC cars (40):
    Especially resource-efficient versions of the cars with additional versions.
  • Freight car:
    Car set with newly designed and particularly resource efficient wagons. About 80 cars versions of eight car types in 2 versions for static applications and in a rolling train set and original sound.

New weather models:

  • Heavy rain with storm
  • Thunderstorm with lightning & thunder, followed by Rainbo
  • Snowstorm
  • Ground fog


  • Scenarios with conductor announcement
  • Small sound updates for the route (Hall effect patch and some new Atmosphere sounds)
  • Appropriately labeled destination displays on the platforms

This add-on is only available in German language.
Please note that to use this extension the add-on Berlin - Wittenberg (at least Vers 1.26) must be installed.
Optionally, the recent Plus Packs (in the latest versions) are supported.

System requirements:
Train Simulator 2018 inclusive add-on DLC European Community Asset Pack
Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7
Dual core processor with min. 3.0 GHz or equivalent
Min 4096 MB RAM
3D graphics card with min. 1024 MB memory
Sound card
1.5 GB free hard disk space
Keyboard and Mouse
Installed version 1.26 of the add-on
DirectX 9.0c compatible hardware and software
Download size: 30 MB

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