FunnerFlight - KSAN, KNZY & Naval Base San Diego XP

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KSAN International Airport, KNZY Naval Air Station North Island and Naval Base San Diego are... mehr
Produktinformationen "FunnerFlight - KSAN, KNZY & Naval Base San Diego XP"

KSAN International Airport, KNZY Naval Air Station North Island and Naval Base San Diego are included in this package!

San Diego International Airport, formerly known as Lindbergh Field, is an international airport three miles (4.8 km) northwest of Downtown San Diego, California, United States. SAN is the busiest single-runway airport in the world. The airport's landing approach is well known for its close proximity to the skyscrapers of Downtown San Diego, and can sometimes prove difficult to pilots for the relatively short usable landing area, steep descent angle over the crest of Bankers Hill, and shifting wind currents just before landing. San Diego International operates in controlled airspace served by the Southern California TRACON, which is some of the busiest airspace in the world. KSAN has 2 terminals, with a total of 48 gates.  Each terminal has 2 concourses.

Coast Guard Air Station San Diego is near the southeast corner of the airport. The installation originally supported seaplane operations, with seaplane ramps into San Diego Bay, as well as land-based aircraft and helicopter operations using the airport's runway.
Naval Air Station North Island (NASNI) is located at the north end of Coronado Island in San Diego Bay and is the home port of several aircraft carriers of the United States Navy. The installation also hosts nearly all of the Pacific Fleet's helicopter squadrons, several fixed-wing squadrons, multiple Naval Air Reserve activities and is home to both the Fleet Readiness Center Southwest and the headquarters for Commander, Naval Air Forces. It is part of the largest aerospace-industrial complex in the United States Navy, the 57,000-acre (230 km2) Naval Base Coronado.

Naval Base San Diego is the second largest surface ship base of the US Navy. It is the principal homeport of the Pacific Fleet, consisting of over 50 ships.

This triple scenery package contains:

  • KSAN and KNZY (Naval Air Station North Island) airports
  • Naval Base San Diego
  • Over 12,000 objects
  • 9 Amphibious Assault Ships
  • 4 Cruisers
  • 9 Destroyers
  • 7 Littoral Combat Ships
  • Aircraft = F-18 fighters, MQ-8C Fire Scout, MH-60 Seahawk, and CH-53E Super Stallion helicopters; VTOL aircraft:  F-35's, Harriers, and V-22 Osprey... and a few others.
  • Ship building yards and cranes
  • Major Hotels
  • Coronado Bridge
  • 50 sq mi of Ortho photography (Thanks to USGS).
  • Many animations of ships, aircraft, submarines, and other less known things that go bump in the night
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