SkyCatsLab - CoPilot for PMDG 737-800 MSFS

MSFS + PMDG 737-800
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  • 051023
Pilot job in a modern airliner involves two people. As you are a simpilot, you need someone who...más
Información del producto "SkyCatsLab - CoPilot for PMDG 737-800 MSFS"

Pilot job in a modern airliner involves two people. As you are a simpilot, you need someone who can listen to you, execute your command, read checklists, fly with you. You can get this with CoPilot DLC by SkyCatsLab.

Main Features

  • Based on real Boeing 737 SOP
  • Use advanced 3D copilot model
  • Can recognize and execute voice commands
  • Can speak with you
  • Can execute normal procedures
  • Can read checklists
  • Can understand flight parameters and situation

Try Before Buy
Download COPILOT right now, install and test it with your sim. You may decide to activate it later, no registration need for now (actual version is 05-10-2023).

Important Info (please read this before spend money)

  • License Agreement:
    By installing this Software product you agree to be bound by the terms of Agreement included into your ZIP pack. If you do not agree to the terms of this Agreement, please, do not install or use the Product.
  • Serial Key:
    Payware Serial key may be activated with only one Computer ID. After first activation your serial key may be used with the same aircraft at the same computer (detected as Computer ID).
  • Support Policy:
    If you will meet technical troubles with installing or using this product – please contact technical support. For the initial contact – click the SUPPORT link on the main page of website. Please note we can answer you on English only.
  • Refund Policy:
    As you have ability to use DEMO version and check is it work or not on your computer BEFORE purchase, NO REFUND may be given in this case.
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  • Microsoft Flight Simulator (Version 2020)
  • + PMDG Boeing 737-800 installed
  • OS: Windows 10 / 11
  • English as Windows interface language set
  • Microphone for voice control
  • Joystick for widget control via buttons
FS2Crew: Microsoft ATR Edition MSFS FS2Crew: Microsoft ATR Edition MSFS
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