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A new sensation of flight aviaFlyByWire redefines your manual flight experience without...más
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A new sensation of flight
aviaFlyByWire redefines your manual flight experience without compromising realism.

What is it?
aviaFlyByWire is a flight control augmentation system that takes care of making manual flight easy, intuitive and smooth.

How does it work?
aviaFlyByWire intercepts your flight control hardware’s aileron and elevator signals (let’s call them X and Y values) and redirects these signals to a flight control loop. This then interprets the raw signals and uses them to command roll and pitch rates (the more you deflect your elevator, the faster the pitch change). Finally, the control loop calculates the actual aileron and elevator surface positions and sends these output signals to the aircraft. Very similar to the fly-by-wire mechanisms found in complex airliners.

Does it work with every aircraft?

  • Usually Yes*

*As long as your aircraft’s developer isn’t using ‘exotic’ / non-standard methods of manipulating control surfaces or implementing their own control loops (e.g. if your aircraft already comes with a fly-by-wire system, adding aviaFlyByWire to the mix may result in unwanted conditions).

How is aviaFlyByWire used?
aviaFlyByWire, like every other aviaWorx app, is fully integrated into aviaServer – so make sure that is running.

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  • Microsoft Flight Simulator (Verison 2020)
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