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Complete your throttle quadrant range. Throttle, propeller and mixture, now Vernier Style. The... mehr
Produktinformationen "Virtual Fly - Flight Sim TPM - V3RNIO+"

Complete your throttle quadrant range. Throttle, propeller and mixture, now Vernier Style. The only 100% TPM designed from scratch in the Flight Simulation market. With hall effect sensors and the exact feel and precision you require. Compatible with MSFS, P3D, X-Plane.

Virtual Fly's Vernier style TPM quadrant (throttle, propeller and mixture) has been designed in accordance with the high quality standards used in all Virtual Fly’s flight controls. Its touch is as realistic as it can get. It is produced with Hall effect Magnetic Sensors, which means you get a lifetime use of the product without wearing it at all.

The PROPELLER and MIXTURE levers can be moved with the quick setting (sliding) by pushing the aluminum button or they can be moved with precision setting (rotary) for your perfect mixture leaning and propeller angle pitching. The throttle hardness sliding can be adjustable which even let it unmovable. Just like in the real aircraft. Each control has a different shape and color as real aircraft, and the controls are 100% manufactured from metal. You have Two types of mounting: recessed panel using threaded holes or desktop by sergeant clamp.

When ordering our V3RNIO+ your package will include:

  • Brand new V3RNIO+ throttle with unique Serial Number
  • Standard Throttle Clamp and all screws
  • Warranty Card with Related Serial Number for Technical Support
  • All Cables Necessary

This product is also part of all our Certified Aviation Training Devices certified by the US Federal Aviation Administration (F.A.A.). You can add your V3RNIO+ to any of our Flight Panels, designed for it! Solo GA Series, Solo Airliner Series and Solo PRO Series. Also compatible with customized flight panels by Stay Level. Compatible with other hardware in the market, so you can either have the complete Virtual Fly Family of products or mix with other preferred peripherals.


  • The propeller and mixture can be controlled sliding (quick adjustment) or rotating (precise adjustment) the handle
  • The strength needed to control the throttle lever can be adjusted even let it unmovable
  • Hall effect magnetic sensors in the 3 axis
  • 12-Bit (4096) values in each axis
  • 3 mounting systems: using the included clamp or screws
  • Ultra-resistant, heavy-duty range - Construction 95% metallic
  • Real force applied to sliding or rotating the levers
  • Plug and Play driverless USB installation for computer
  • Plug&Fly technology: The VFHubsoftware is an intuitive and easy-to-use control panel for the V3RNIO+ and all VirtualFly devices that connect them to MSFS, Prepar3D v4-v5 & XPlane11. It let to test, calibrate, set up and adjust it to desired needs, all our peripherals from the same place

Technical specifications:

  • Product Dimensions (with packing): L 350 mm / W 300 mm / H 130 mm
  • Product Weight (with packing): 4 kg
  • Connectivity: USB (cable included)
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  • Lockheed Martin Prepar3D V4-V5, X-Plane 11 oder Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020)
  • OS: Microsoft Windows
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