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Since 2014, thousands of sim racers, flight sim enthusiasts, and industry professionals have... more
Product information "Next Level Racing - Motion Plus Platform"

Since 2014, thousands of sim racers, flight sim enthusiasts, and industry professionals have relied on and loved the immersive and realistic experience provided by Next Level Racing® Motion products.  

Introducing the Next Level Racing® Motion Plus Platform, our first heave, pitch & roll motion platform that delivers the ultimate experience in adaptability and immersion. This market leading technology enables users to experience emulated G-Forces related to bumps, corners, vibrations, braking and acceleration on their sim chassis. Built to be precise, the Motion Plus Platform performs 4000 microprocesses directly from the game every second, for the most accurate gameplay feedback while driving or in-flight. With the Next Level Racing® Motion ecosystem in mind, the Motion Plus Platform can combine with the Motion V3 or Traction Plus platforms** to create an unapparelled simulation experience.
** Please refer to the weight limitation of product with different motion products.


  • Full Cockpit Mover, simulating vehicle chassis motion with ultimate precision and accuracy
  • Market leading technology to feel bumps, corners, rolls, gear shifts, and vibrations for peak immersion
  • Quick and simple installation, compatible with Next Level Racing Cockpits
  • Commercially built, but perfect for home use with its compact design and low noise operation
  • Compatible with all major racing and flight games for PC
  • 1 module for 2-DOF and 2 modules for 3-DOF
  • Adaptable to the existing Next Level Racing Motion Ecosystem, to continue taking racing to the next level
  • Unique pivot bar included for single unit use setups
  • Advanced VR compensation software to experience smooth precise VR movement
  • Ultra-low latency provides sharp and accurate movement throughout the chassis

Built to provide chassis motion with precision and accuracy to complete the user experience. The Motion Plus Platform provides a new level of realism and immersion for motion to become a natural progression of the simulation journey. To close the gap between real and virtual, telemetry data from gameplay is transferred through the software and translated into precise and accurate movement in the hardware, with acceleration of up to 1100mm per second.

Focusing on movement of the chassis during the development phase, the Motion Plus Platform translates crucial simulation effects like bumps, braking, acceleration, gear shifts and road effects into accurate and precise movements felt by the user in their cockpit. The user is able to roll into every corner with speed and precision, with up to 21 degrees/second of velocity roll, while braking and accelerating effects can be felt at up to 8 degrees/second to allow the user to adapt and stay in control.

Rather than industrial or adapted actuators, the Next Level Racing® Motion Plus Platform uses advanced technology and manufacturing developed from the ground up, purely for simulation. Through magnetic encoders attached to the motor shaft, the Motion Plus Platform is able to provide precise feedback from the gameplay to the hardware. This further provides cues to close the gap between real and virtual for an immersive experience.

With a multitude of configurations, the Next Level Racing® Motion Plus Platform allows to adapt and design your own custom motion experience. A singular unit of Motion Plus platform will provide the user with 2-DOF experience, and allows them to upgrade to a 3-DOF with an addition of a second unit offering pitch, roll, and heave. The combination of different Next Level Racing® Motion Platforms and the Motion Plus Platform, can provide up to 4-DOF.

  • Single Motion Plus Platform: Chassis 2 DOF
  • 2 X Motion Plus Platform: Chassis 3-DOF
  • Motion Plus Platform + Motion Platform V3: Chassis 2 DOF & Seat 2 DOF (Combined 2 DOF)
  • 2 X Motion Plus Platform+ Motion Platform V3: Chassis 3 DOF & Seat 2 DOF (Combined 3 DOF)
  • Motion Plus Platform + Traction Plus Platform: Combined Chassis 4 DOF

** DOF (Degrees of Freedom) is measured by the number of unique movements each Motion Platform combination offers.

The Next Level Racing® Motion Plus Platform is a product manufactured in Europe with the highest quality components to ensure reliability and performance. The Motion Plus Platform is a product forged with over a decade of simulation expertise, combined with world leading European motion and software engineers at Motion Systems®.  The Next Level Racing® Motion Plus Platform is not only used by sim racers from around the world, but also leading global institutions for training and research purposes.  

The motion platforms work in unison with the Next Level Racing® Platform Manager Software, which has undergone a major redesign to incorporate the Motion Plus device to work in perfect harmony. The Platform Manager is a professional specialized software that is click and play with all major racing and flight titles on PC. Updates are constant to support new titles upon their release. The Platform Manager is a powerful complex engine, yet it is user-friendly, meaning you can easily adjust the intensity of motion, bumps, roll and pitch with the click of a button. You can also adjust the intensity of effects on each individual Motion unit when pairing with the Motion Platform V3 and Traction Plus Platform. Little to no technical support is required for assembly and operation, you can install the platform with ease and be up and racing/flying with motion in less than an hour. For a list of current compatible titles, checkout the below link.

There are thousands of active Next Level Racing® users globally and you can join the Next Level Racing® discord community to access tips, settings and community knowledge for your platform.
Next Level Racing®’s dedicated Motion Customer Support Team provides expert pre-sale and post-sale support. These are dedicated team members that have been providing customers with fast support for many years, and have strong knowledge of motion and simulation.

The Next Level Racing® Motion Platforms are trusted globally by some of the world’s fastest eSports and professional race car drivers, VR centres and commercial simulation centres. Hundreds of drivers, pilots, race teams and institutions such as militaries, universities, NASA and Air Force Cadets have relied on the precision and accuracy of the Next Level Racing® motion platforms to further develop in their respected field of training.

With the introduction of VR Headway 2.0, VR with motion has never been better due to this integration within the Platform Manager software by Next Level Racing®. Utilising advanced mathematical formulas to eliminate unwanted VR movements, this automatically readjusts within the game environment real-time. Providing the user with the most realistic motion experience whilst mitigating VR sickness experienced with other motion platforms.

The Next Level Racing® Motion Plus Platform is a robust product that is built for commercial-grade use, and is backed with a 1-year warranty for commercial customers. Over the years, hundreds of Next Level Racing® motion platforms have been deployed in VR and commercial centres around the world. The Motion Plus Platform has been built with adaptability and precision in mind as the commercial uses of the Motion Plus Platform are endless for training and research purposes.


  • Next Level Racing® Motion Plus Platform
  • Foot Assembly kit
  • Pivot bar
  • Next Level Racing® Platform Manager Software download
  • USB and Power Cables
  • Digital assembly instructions and assembly videos available here:


  • Power Source: 4A/115VAC/60Hz, 2A/230VAC/50Hz
  • Power supply: 321W
  • Max Weight on the product: 250 Kg (550 lbs)
  • Working Range Temperature: 4° Celsius/ 39° Fahrenheit to 45° Celsius/ 113° Fahrenheit
  • Product Weight (Motion Plus Platform + Pivot Bar): 21.7 kg  (48 lbs)
  • Boxed Dimensions: 51.5 x 22.3 x 32 cm (20.3 x 8.8 x 12.6 inches)
  • Product Dimension: 70 x 18.2 x 20 cm (27.6 x 7.2 x 7.9 inches)
  • Boxed Weight: 28 kg  (62 lbs)


  • Next Level Racing® Elite Series Cockpits
  • Next Level Racing® GTtrack Racing Cockpit
  • Next Level Racing® Traction Plus Platform (With additional brackets)
  • Next Level Racing® Motion Platform V3
  • Next Level Racing® F-GT Racing Cockpit (With additional brackets)
  • Next Level Racing® Flight Simulator (With additional brackets)
  • ** For future Next Level Racing® cockpit compatibility, please make sure to check product pages
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