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After releasing our first scenario package we built another one for the addon route...más
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After releasing our first scenario package we built another one for the addon route Munich-Augsburg: It is peppered with dozens of new vehicles and allows a realistic traffic scheme on the Munich to Augsburg route for the first time. Besides realistic train sets we put a great emphasis on the train operating processes - special situations in service and assignments by the dispatcher will make the scenarios a challenge. Nevertheless, we adhered to reality - you will find original timetables and rakes from the year 2009 as far as it was possible to implement them. The scenarios will play in the timetable year 2009 predominantly.

Furthermore we added the famous train stuff announcements. On top, we lettered the train destination displays on the platforms depending on the scenario with real data for the first time. Using scenario scripts we were able to implement several operational specials in Train Simulator 2014. So there is a lot of material to be discovered and to tinker with.

Counting all the delivered vehicles delivered with this addon (counting its loading and painting variants), there are about 300 vehicles. This is an extent that gives our addon the potential to become a standard tool for scenario creators. All train sets - AI-trains (artificial intelligence, usage only for dispatcher controlled traffic) as well as player trains - make use of real sounds and have special functions for increased ing the realism.

There are eleven scenarios at all which offer hours of driving pleasure. Two versions of each scenario were created - one especially for users of the Railworks Pluspacks.


  • Double deck coaches (3): 1st Class, 2nd Class coaches and cab car in the versions "Regio DB". Complex original sound. Pixel accurate train destination display with numerous destinations that can be labelled.
  • IC-Coaches (37): Wagon set with InterRegio- and InterCity-Coaches of different types and paintings. Complex original sound. Doors open and close randomly shifted. Digital PIS can be labelled.
  • n-Coaches (8): Wagon set with Bn and ABn coaches in mint green and traffic red. Bn coach in silver with peacock moth pattern as bonus. Cab car type "Karlsruher head" in mint green and traffic red, type "Wittenberger head" in traffic red. Complex original sound with dynamic brake type choice (block/wheel disc brake) and predefined door beep. Doors open and close randomly shifted, many train destinations canbe labelled.
  • Rmms 662 (4): Heavy freight wagon with original sound, automatically placed end-of-train signals and coupled brake hoses. Empty and loaded with excavator, bulldozer, steel slabs, cable drums or tank L6A2.
  • Falns-Wagen (14): Bulk cargo wagon in 14 versions (DB & PKP). Complex sound, end-of-train signal automatically placed.
  • Fas-Wagen (4): Bulk cargo wagon in 4 versions (DB Cargo & Railion). Complex sound, end-of-train signal automatically placed.

More (AI-)Trains:

  • ICE1: Different EMUs, original sound, forename can be changed.
  • ICE2: Different EMUs, original sound, forename can be changed, bow flap state can be predefined.
  • ICE-T (BR411): EMU with original sound and active tilting technique. Blind windows, ICE-Logo and ÖBB logo labelled automatically according to EMU-numbering. Forename, bow flap state and panto state can be preselected.
  • BR101 (13): 13 different engines, dirty and/or with advertisement paintings. Original sound and panto preselection.
  • BR110 (2): Type "Bügelfalte" in traffic red and steel blue. Original sound.
  • BR143 (3): Versions without train destination display in traffic red, MEG & RBH. Original sound.
  • BR151 (5): Versions DB Cargo/Railion, RBH and the green designated museum engine. Original sound.
  • BR145/185 (62): Numerous freight locos with original sound and panto preselection. Train destination display of the Regio-145 can be labeled.
  • BR218 (2): Diesel engine in trafficred and orient red with white front. Original sound.
  • BR218.8 (2): ICE tow engines with coupling type "Scharfenberg". Original sound.
  • BR420: EMU of the S-Bahn Munich. Original sound, train destination display can be labelled.
  • BR423: EMU of the S-Bahn Munich. Original sound, train destination display can be labelled.
  • BR648: DMU of the BRB type "Lint41". Sound and train destination display that can be labeled.
  • IC-Coaches including Munich-Nuremberg-Express (44): Special resource friendly versions of the player wagons with additional versions.
  • Freight wagons: Wagon set with new constructed and resource friendly freight wagons. About 80 paintings of 8 wagon types in 2 versions each - usable for static consists and AI trains. End-of-train signals automatically placed and different original sounds.

New weather models:

  • Heavy rain with storm
  • Snow storm
  • Ground fog


  • Announcements in scenarios (Usage of 3D Byte Soundsystem)
  • Real labelled train destination displays on the platforms
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Train Simulator 201x + European Loco & Assets Pack
Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10
CPU: DualCore with3 GHz or higher
RAM: Min. 4096MB
3D graphics card with 1024MB or more DirectX9.0c-compatible
Sound card
HDD space: ca. 1.7 GB

Add-ons (optional):

  • DLC Munich - Augsburg (required for scenarios, for included rolling stock only optional)
  • BR101 – Pluspack
  • BR143 – Pluspack
  • BR151 – Pluspack
  • BR294 – Pluspack


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