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Explore the romantic Rhine Valley from Frankfurt – Koblenz with this scenario pack! The left... more
Product information "JTG - Trough the Rhine Valley Scenario Pack"

Explore the romantic Rhine Valley from Frankfurt – Koblenz with this scenario pack!

The left Rhine line is a main line that follows the Rhine from Cologne via Koblenz and Bingen to Mainz. Today, it is one of the most important railway lines in the long-distance passenger traffic of the Deutsche Bahn. The left Rhine line is in the top 3 of the most frequented lines in Germany and thus offers an important part of the north-south connections in the whole of Europe in the passenger and freight traffic. Together with its “sister”, the right-hand Rhine line, both are still among the most romantic railway lines in Germany today.

Experience the unique romance of the left Rhine route on the section Koblenz – Mainz – Frankfurt in this scenario package. Operate the tight timetable of an S-Bahn from the financial metropolis of Frankfurt to Mainz. Bring holidaymakers and business travellers safely from Frankfurt Airport to Koblenz, which will certainly challenge you as an ICE train driver on the closely timed Rhine Valley line. And what would the Rhine Valley be without heavy freight trains? Drive fuel to the large storage area Mainz – Bischofsheim, where a colleague will take over the train to continue the journey. In regional transport, the SÜWEX with its eye-catching design currently characterises the Rhine Valley. Experience the enormous acceleration of the Flirt 3 in the fast regional traffic between Koblenz and Mainz.

Included scenarios:

  •     RIVET – RE 1 to Frankfurt
  •     RIVET – Gasoline to Mainz
  •     RIVET – Airport-Express
  •     RIVET – ICE trough the Rhine Valley


  • Specially recorded announcements included
  • A wide range of exciting tasks
  • 4 scenarios in the romantic Rhine Valley

Required add-ons:

  • Frankfurt-Koblenz (DTG)
  • EU Asset Pack (DTG) (Caution, may be already included in your Train Simulator installation)
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