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  • 1.5.0
This is an add-on to the ToLiss Airbus A321, it requires a legitimate copy of the ToLiss... more
Product information "ToLiss - Airbus A321 NEO XP"

This is an add-on to the ToLiss Airbus A321, it requires a legitimate copy of the ToLiss Airbus A321 V1.2 to work!


  • 2 additional engine types for the ToLiss A321
  • The 3 subvariants of the A321 NEO family: the NEO, the LR and the XLR
  • 3 new exit configurations aligned with the Airbus Cabin Flex concept for the A321 family

New engine types:

  • CFM LEAP-1A33 and PW1130G-JM
  • Accurate aircraft climb performance as function of engine selection
  • Appropriate fuel burn as function of engine selection
  • System adaptation to reflect new engine functionalities, such as PW engine cooling cycles
  • Detailled 3d model for each engine model
  • Specific TSS sound sets for each engine type (X-Plane 11 ONLY)

A321 NEO subvariants:

  • Configurable to A321 NEO, LR and XLR
  • Fuel system adapted to the individual configurations
  • Specific weight envelopes for each subvariant
  • System specific changes per subvariant, e.g. single slotted flaps for the A321 XLR with improved aircraft drag

Airbus Cabin Flex exit configurations:

  • Choice of three additional exit configurations
  • Maximum number of passengers changes in accordance with the selected exit configurations
  • Doors system and DOOR page indications adapt to exit configuration
  • Separate 3d models for each exit configuration

Note: ToLiss products only ship with ToLiss liveries and Airbus house liveries. All images are subject to changes due to constant updates of the product.

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  • X-Plane 12 / X-Plane 11 + ToLiss Airbus A321
  • Windows 10 (64 bit), macOS 10.11+ or Linux
  • CPU i5 or i7 4th generation or newer or AMD equivalent
  • Graphics card GTX 950 or higher (or Radeon equivalent)
  • 16 GB of RAM

*This package can only be used if you own the ToLiss A321 base package in V1.2 or higher (with CFM & IAE engines).

Version 1.5.0:

  • Updated the A321 NEO package to go along with the A321 v1.5.0 update

Version 1.4.1
Minor new features:

  • VLS increase due to speed brakes is now inhibited when SEC 1 is failed. (No speed brake information to FAC)

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed animation for right rudder pedal
  • Fixed Dome lighting effect
  • Corrected the Beacon light ON position
  • Removed the ECON FLOW ON light on A321 configuration with pack flow selector
  • Brought rudder trim knob animation back
  • Removed grey frames around the display unit screens
  • Corrected the mouse drag axis for spoiler lever, flap lever and engine levers
  • Corrected left FCU light knob orientation
  • DDRMI is now hidden again when flying a NEO
  • Fixed standby compass lighting
  • Removed the invisible line in the Avitab that triggers diverse cockpit switches
  • Updated SASL version to address crashes and performance issues on OS X and Linux
  • Reworked Audio Control Panels as a whole
  • Adjusted cockpit door opening animation
  • Improved interaction with FCU when not in VR
  • Removed the spurious ACT XFR FAULT message during slow refuelling on the ground
  • Refuelling through IACP now requests fuel amount in lbs when using imperial units
  • Fixed internal/external sound override function
  • Made Anti Ice work in XP12 also
  • VLS increase due to speedbrakes does not affect green dot speed anymore (except in XLR configuration)
  • Fixed particle effects when engines are off
  • Removed the spurious N/W STRG FAULT message when starting the engines during pushback
  • Fixed elevator behaviour after landing
  • Improved reverser response time after touch-down
  • Fixed frequency selection in RMP (prevent it from jumping multiple steps at once)
  • Adapted altimeter readings to new XP12 atmospheric model
  • Retuned FBW pitch law for XP12
  • Improved A/THR speed hold parameters to reduce thrust oscillations in gusty conditions
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