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Now you have a reason to fly to the Caribbean! Las Americas International Airport (also known
Informations sur le produit "BravoAirspace - MDSD - Las Américas International Airport P3D"

Now you have a reason to fly to the Caribbean! Las Americas International Airport (also known as Jose F. Pena Gomez) is an international airport located in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. MDSD usually receives a wide variety of long-, mid-and short-haul aircraft, airliners, charter, cargo, and military missions’ flights.

The airport is the second busiest in the country after losing its traffic frequency to Punta Cana International Airport, yet it is one of the largest in the Caribbean, handling 3.5 million passengers in 2017 through its air terminal. And is also the busiest cargo hub in the Caribbean and Central America with 405,000,000 lbs. of cargo (this is a lot for a small location) transported in 2020. For its size and location, it is basically a busy airport.

Airlines that routinely fly to MDSD:

  • Aeroméxico   
  • Air Antilles     
  • Air Caraïbes   
  • Air Europa     
  • Air France      
  • Air Santo Domingo   
  • American Airlines      
  • Avianca         
  • Avior Airlines
  • Condor         
  • Conviasa       
  • Copa Airlines
  • Delta Air Lines         
  • Eastern Airlines        
  • Frontier Airlines        
  • Iberia
  • InterCaribbean Airways       
  • JetBlue          
  • LASER Airlines          
  • Nordwind Airlines     
  • Sky High      
  • Spirit Airlines
  • TUI Fly
  • Sunrise Airways        
  • United Airlines         
  • Venezolana   
  • Wingo
  • Charter flights from all over the world

Cargo Airlines:

  • Amerijet International
  • Avianca Cargo
  • UPS Airlines
  • FedEx
  • Charter flights from all over the world


  • More photoreal satellite coverage from the airport, 10 nautical miles west, 20 nm east, 15 nm north of full coverage with proper auto-gen vegetation placement
  • Numerous original clutter objects throughout the airport with its proper decals and colors
  • Ground handling parking with more static clutter as in real life
  • New ground PBR for a more realistic look, including photoreal taxi lines
  • A much more weathered and detailed tarmac/apron areas
  • New dynamic lighting throughout the apron and entrances to the terminals
  • Terminal 1 has an updated interior and PBR glass
  • Terminal 2 has an updated night lighting map with a more organic look and feel at the same time brighter
  • The only and most realistic depiction of the real airport available online
  • Hundreds of original handmade custom textures to avoid repetition
  • Revised ground apron, taxi, and runway paths for a higher weathered look
  • Created and properly placed clutter throughout the airport with the closest models and colors of the companies running the services in MDSD
  • Dynamic lighting throughout the entire airport scenery
  • Static and historical aircrafts
  • Custom approach lighting
  • Global land class color matched photo scenery
  • High-resolution ground textures / Custom runway textures
  • Animated SODE Jetways + windsocks
  • Fully 3d taxiways lighting
  • Realistic reflections on glass throughout the scenery
  • Many other details including easters eggs
Liens supplémentaires vers "BravoAirspace - MDSD - Las Américas International Airport P3D"
  • Lockheed Martin Prepar3D V4.5 or V5.2 only
  • Operating System: Windows 8 / 10 (64-Bit recommended)
  • GPU: 3D graphics card with min. 1 GB memory
  • CPU: 3.0 GHz processor (Dual Core processor recommended)
  • Active internet connection required for installation
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