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Andras Field is located at the foot of the alps in southern Bavaria, near the... altro
Informazione prodotto "Andras Field"

Andras Field is located at the foot of the alps in southern Bavaria, near the German/Swiss/Austrian border. Sixty minutes of fast cruising you can be in Milan for an evening of opera or in Berlin for some serious shopping. It started out as a military airport (the complete history is on the forum) and you will still see many parts that remind you of this past life.

Andras Field

Andras Field has a wide 5000 feet runway suitable for heavy aircraft (it used to be a military airport after all), a 6000 feet water runway, helicopter landing sites and even a long glider grass strip. Both the seaplane base as the airport got hangar space for visitors and for larger aircraft based on Andras Field. The project is very much intended to cater for all kinds of FSX flying.

There is a lot to explore at Andras Field and the near surroundings, even after you used it for a long time you will still find new animations and new objects (also because the project will be updated very regular). Just pick a new parking or a new taxi route and you are bound to see new stuff. Andras Field is also the place where our internal developers will test out new ideas and technologies. For example in this first edition we have used MoCap (Motion Capture) to show a whole new kind of animation. From people having an heated argument to people that are dancing. Of course sound effects of all kind are used to complete this. 

And yes, Andras Field is a fictive airport. We wanted to create a new idea with new features and there just is no existing airfield that could bring what we needed. We needed artistic freedom to make this a very special place.  We needed this liberty also so we could let the users create and manage this airport and all that comes with it. Aerosoft provides the base files and will change it continuously but the users will decide what is changing!


  • Can handle medium airliners, gliders, seaplanes and helicopters
  • Extensive (and innovative motion capture) animations and sound effects
  • Very smooth frame rates even with extensive details
  • Compatible with all Aerosoft Germany Scenery (and Austria Pro)
  • Airpark owners (optional) get occasional discounts on downloads

Andras Field Chart (click to enlarge):

Andras Field Water Runway Chart (click to enlarge):

Andras Airpark

Directly to the east of Andras Field lies Andras Airpark. At this airpark, aviation enthusiasts or people who need an small aircraft for travel, can keep their private plane in their private hangar, just as other people keep their car in a garage.  Airparks are relatively rare in Europe but well known in the USA where they seen to do well because it provides a safe (they are always closed, fenced in) communities for people who have some money and who like to be around similar minded people.

Andras Airpark is nothing more than a part of the scenery, but if you like the idea it is also possible to become a resident at Andras Airpark and own your own bit of land in the virtual FSX world. Not only do you get to park your aircraft in your own hangar, you also get to be part of the Andras Field community where the users decide how this project evolves. As users build their own houses we’ll be upgrading the scenery files on a regular base so all the users see your house. There is a great deal of ‘gameplay’ involved in this. For example if the Andras Field Owners Association decides a new taxiway is needed, they will have to organize alternative taxi routes when work is being done. They also got to decide on regulations, are you allowed to taxi on the airpark after sunset or do you need to use one of the electric tractors available? There are now 70 plots but there is an option to add more when demand is high. If you like this idea you might consider jumping in early as the biggest decisions will have to be made soon after the release of the products. Of course there are forums available and Aerosoft will also support residents with some discounts.

Airpark-Map (click to enlarge):

Please note that this whole airpark idea is just an addition to the Andras Field product. If this is not your cup of tea you just see the airpark change and grow but you do not have to use it in any way.

View aerial coverage >> Download KMZ-file <<

Google Earth is required for viewing this file. Download it for free here:

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- Official Andras Field Forum:

Awards / Reviews:

FlightXPress-Gold-Award, FlightXPress issue 09/2010 

Mutley's Hangar Award for Excellence,

Conclusion by
"The simple conclusion is to say that I love this add-on. Aerosoft have set about creating something new and innovative and have pulled it off superbly. Only time will tell how successful the project will be, but the early signs are all good. By following the set-up instructions in the manual the impact on fps is minimal. I like how the add-on has not just been cast aside after it's release to the community, the product is being allowed to evolve with the creation of a flight school and flying club. Where else in FSX can you have a commercial add-on with your name outside one of the buildings? Aerosoft have once again developed and outstanding product, which is why I am pleased to award it a score of 10/10 and the Mutley's Hangar Award For Excellence."

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Additional downloads :
 English .pdf Manual : >> Click here <<

Andras Field Chart
Andras Field Water Runway Chart
Andras Airpark Plots

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Microsoft Flight Simulator X (Acceleration or SP2)
Windows XP, Windows VISTA, Windows 7 (fully updated)
Intel Core 2 Duo E6850 CPU (Core 2 Quad advised)
Direct X 9 compatible Graphics Card with minimal 512 MB
Adobe Acrobat Reader 8 minimal to read and print the manual (1)
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Installation-Size: 285 MB

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