Boeing 747-8 Series Anniversary Edition

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  • AS14793
  • Supercritical Simulations Group (SSG)
  • English
  • 2.7 RC3
For the 50th Anniversary of the Boeing 747, SSG is proud to announce the release of its long... altro
Informazione prodotto "Boeing 747-8 Series Anniversary Edition"

For the 50th Anniversary of the Boeing 747, SSG is proud to announce the release of its long awaited follow-on to the SSG 747-8 Series.

  • Officially licensed By the Boeing © Corporation


  • Fuselage closely modeled on the real one with many details
  • Each door can be opened individually and is very detailed
  • Almost all parts that can open/move on the aircraft are modeled
  • Many external details such as a satellite antenna, tail camera (Intercontinental) and various vents, drains, etc.
  • Cut passenger windows with “glass” panes
  • Vertical and horizontal stabilizers with added details, such as fuel vent (Intercontinental)
  • Detailed nacelles and engines with many details and animations
  • Detailed landing gear/gear doors with proper animation
  • Leading and trailing edge flaps, detailed flap mechanisms and proper animations (such as partial retraction of leading edge flaps during reverse thrust)
  • Speedbrakes/spoilers with accurate function and logic for individual panels
  • Interiors with seats, galleys, lavatory and crew rest, with stairs to lower deck and some animations
  • Wing flex and nacelle animations
  • Separate and animated windshield wipers with accurate timing and rate
  • Functioning Ram Air Turbine (RAT)
  • Pilot figures (can be hidden)
  • Animated Angle of Attack (AOA) vanes
  • Fans windmill when engines are off
  • Several blocked windows on the Intercontinental
  • Various cargo types on Freighter main deck
  • Visible fuel vapor during fuel jettisoning
  • Custom external lights design with realistic width, direction and range


  • Detailed 3D cockpit with enhanced textures and accurate differences between the Intercontinental and Freighter models
  • Detailed overhead panel with most buttons/switches modeled and working
  • Accurate forward panel with most buttons/switches modeled and working
  • Detailed pedestal with most buttons/switches/handles working
  • Detailed side panels and window frames
  • Detailed cockpit seats
  • Option to set up various panel states from “cold and dark” to “through flight”


  • Flight dynamics tested by real 747 pilots and mechanics
  • Custom brake system with autobrake and antiskid, and hydraulic system dependency
  • Tailstrike protection
  • Gear system with sensed tire pressure, wheel temperature and associated advisory messages
  • Realistic warning/caution system with advisory messages at all 3 message levels with over 120 Messages
  • Hydraulics with system pressures simulated on all 4 systems plus brakes
  • Fuel system with opening/closing pump valves
  • FUEL TANK/ENG logic and warning, as well as fuel imbalance warning, and many others
  • Engines with fire bottle discharges simulated that empty when used
  • Fuel dump system
  • EICAS decluttering function
  • 3 radio consoles that can be used with any left or right channel COMM 1 / COMM 2 plus custom transponder panel
  • High resolution displays
  • Minimum callouts based on radio altimeter or barometric altimeter
  • Display manager like in the real aircraft that shows over 10 synoptic pages in any MFD side and lower EICAS with electronic normal checklist
  • Lights switch test and dim implemented
  • Display brightness is controllable
  • Custom cockpit lights
  • External sounds (3D localized sounds) using the DreamEngine plugin
  • Fuel system with accurate tank loading
  • Detailed EGPWS implementation and displays
  • Realistic AUTOSTART and RUNNING indicators on engine displays
  • Realistic air conditioning system and logic
  • Detailed Navigation Display (ND) with many accurate functions like Airport Map, TCAS and Weather radar (default XP)
  • Clock and chronometer display on ND
  • Detailed electrical system logic and switching
  • Realistic baro pressure switch logic (STD, preselected, transition altitude)
  • Inertial Reference System (IRS) implemented with alignment function


  • FMCs are modeled closely after the real 747-8 ones with most menus and functions implemented
  • Captain and First Officer CDUs
  • RNAV approaches (non-precision) implemented
  • FMC FIX page implemented
  • FMC Route 2 function implemented
  • FMC Diversion function implemented
  • Custom navigation data supported by Navigraph and Simbref

Tablet with extra functions, such as:

  • Realistic fuel loader with FMC fuel prediction
  • Payload options page
  • Ground service and door control page
  • Wheel chocks are selectable
  • Sound control page
  • Pushback function that permits joystick control
  • Cargo main deck light control (Freighter)

Liveries included with the package:

  • Air China
  • BBJ
  • Boeing Family
  • Boeing Sunrise
  • Korean Air
  • Lufthansa


  • Atlas Air
  • Boeing Family
  • Boeing Light
  • Cargolux
  • Cathay Pacific
  • Silkway Cargo
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  • X-Plane 12 / X-Plane 11
  • Windows 8 / 10, Mac or Linux (64 bit)
  • 4 GB VRAM minimum  (8 GB+ recommended)

If you purcahsed one of the parts "Inter Advanced, Freighter or Series" of SSG's Beoing 747-8 series at our Aerosoft Shop, you are entitled to a 40% uprade discount on the Boeing 747-8 Inter Anniversary Edition:

  • If you purchased a previous version in the old Aerosoft Shop (before February 2017), please enter the appropriate serial number in the voucher field in the shopping cart.
  • If you purchased a previous version in the new Aerosoft Shop, you only need to add the new version 2 to your shopping cart and the discount will be automatically deducted (you need to be logged in).

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Version 2.7 RC3:

  • Updated to  XP 12.08
  • New 12.08 engine performance

Version 2.6b1:

  • XP12 compatibility
  • Performance and flight dynamics for XP12
  • New tiler logic
  • Rain drops
  • New XP hydraulic added
  • New XP bleed added
  • Nextures for new xp12 model
  • New lights model.
  • FMC with a better ND SIDs and STARs representation.

Version 2.5.0:

  • New cockpit with a full 3D rework
  • New cockpit light designing.
  • Functional tiller added
  • Audio console reworked
  • LNAV improved
  • Tracks drawing improved
  • Page #4 RTE PAGE blocked Fixed
  • <SEL> in Departure runways
  • Waypoints repeated erased
  • False Invalid Enter in FIX PAGE fixed
  • Any AP engaged on the Ground
  • In MOD, not change until press EXEC

Version 2.4.3:

  • Engine RPMs no longer drop when reaching ALT HOLD
  • Fixed some approach transitions that did not load
  • Fixed large circles being displayed for some procedures
  • Fixed bug that prevented selection of FLCH when AP was not engaged
  • Improved precision when tracking the course during turns
  • Fixed bug when entering different landing weights on the FMC approach page

Version 2.4.1:

  • Fixed Crash if no Avitab plugin
  • Fixed hydraulic 1 not working after landing causing no steerling
  • Fixed hydraulic loss with the park brakes
  • Fixed sim not starting with engines running
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