CYYT - St. John's International Airport XP

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Canada's St. John's International Airport serves as the main airport for St. John's. The airport... more
Product information "CYYT - St. John's International Airport XP"

Canada's St. John's International Airport serves as the main airport for St. John's. The airport has 3 runways and is a perfect departure airport for crossing the pond! Several major Europe and American airlines fly in and out from St. John's Intl Airport's 3 runways, with flights from Ireland in a 737-700 across the pond or just a short domestic flight, CYYT is the perfect airport for both long and short hual flights. JustAsia has worked hard to recreate this airport to be as realistic as possible.


  • UHD ortho imagery
  • Custom HDR night lighting
  • 2k ground textures and markings (include wet textures)
  • Full WT3 intergration with custom ground routes
  • Static aircraft option
  • Custom animated ground traffic
  • Animated jetways and docking
  • Highly optimize scenery (light on fps)
  • 3D grass
  • And more 
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XPlane 11
Windows 8 / 10, Mac or Linux (64 bit)
4 GB VRAM minimum  (8 GB+ VRAM recommended)
Download-Size: 790 MB

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