EZdok Camera Professional Version 3 (EZCA)

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Flight One Software freut sich, in Zusammenarbeit mit EZdok Software, die EZdok Camera... mehr
Produktinformationen "EZdok Camera Professional Version 3 (EZCA)"

Flight One Software freut sich, in Zusammenarbeit mit EZdok Software, die EZdok Camera Professional Version 3 für Microsoft Flight Simulator X und Prepar3D V4 anzubieten.

EZdok Camera (EZCA) ist ein Kamera- und Effektsystem und -manager, das die Pilotenerfahrung im FSX/Prepar3D verbessert. Es bietet eine Steuerungssicht im Flugsimulator für die einfache Navigation im virtuellen Cockpit und in der Kabine sowie im Flugzeug und in der Welt des Flugsimuators. Erkunden Sie die vielen neuen Funktionen in Version 3 und überzeugen Sie sich selbst!


New in Version 3:

  • The interface has been completely redesigned and expanded. At the same time, we have preserved some of the base concepts of EZCA in order to allow users of previous versions to easily familiarize themselves with the new interface.
  • A new category of cameras called INSIDE (Interior) has been added.
  • A CRITICAL ERRORS DETECTION system has been added. The system detects important errors in the simulator's configuration files which could prevent EZCA operation or cause it to become unstable. Now you will always know the location of errors and can eliminate the error by simply pressing the FIX key.
  • The mechanism to create new cameras has been improved.
  • Camera categories have been redefined. Now the camera functionality in the selected category is more obvious based on its category.
  • A new module called MAP OF ASSIGNMENTS has been added, which allows HotKey or Joystick connection to cameras installed into the simulator, as well as with other EZCA cameras. For example, if a HotKey is assigned to the SPOT camera, you will be able to switch to the camera directly with a single event without having to cycle through keys.
  • An option of switching to EZCA cameras along with those already installed into the simulator via the simulator's menu has been added.
  • An option that allows you to hide simulator cameras that are not being used.
  • DHM (Dynamic Head Movements) has been completely designed. It reflects the skeletal animation of a seated human body in conjunction with the motion vectors of the aircraft fuselage. We have reviewed a great deal of video and used data from acceleration sensors attached to the human head in order to make DHM-effect as real as possible.
  • EXtended turbulence module (XTmTM). In the air, this module shakes the aircraft fuselage according to the level of turbulence. The extended turbulence module affects the position of the fuselage during flight. Regardless of severity, all aircraft systems will operate normally including no emergency autopilot disconnects. The EXtended Turbulence Module effect, together with the new DHM-effect, provides you with amazing effects during your flight.
  • METAR-line decoding in wind layers has been added making cloud and wind layer turbulence accurate.
  • The coefficients for effects adjustment are transferred to sliders, which enables visual and intuitive adjustment of the effects.
  • Effects activity indication next to the sliders has been added.
  • An option to exit the plane while making adjustments has been added. This allows you to observe the effect's functioning - has been added.
  • The effect studio functions in two separate modes - Simple and Advanced. Simple mode provides only level adjustment for the effects, whereas Advanced mode allows effect creation from the scratch. Note: Advanced mode is now temporally deactivated. The mode is to be accessible upon publication of the effect studio user's manual. For advanced users: I you want to activate it now, plese view this post.
  • The code has been optimized and improved. Despite the functions and modules added into the effect processor, CPU load is as low as it is for EZCA V2 version. This is due to elaborate algorithms and code optimization Assembly Code Inserts. This makes our product significantly distinguishable in the market for this type of product.
  • A new panning devices section has been added. This section includes a universal interface that allows developers to quickly configure new panning devices (in future versions).
  • SimHat support has been added.
  • A Camera Position Panel can be placed over the simulator window.
  • Observer mode algorithms have been improved. Observer mode operates correctly and faultlessly.

An important distinction of EZCA V3 compared to the previous EZCA V2 is a new, revised concept of the entire effects' system:

  • Our new research and development allows for realistic turbulence modelling in simulators. This is what we call our Extended Turbulence Module XTm™
  • This allowed us to move beyond the concept of artificial vibrations which was utilized in the previous EZCA V2 version. It would imitate different levels of turbulence. The vibration effects in EZCA Pro v3 is significantly more advanced and natural. There is nothing this realistic on the market!
  • In EZCA V3 version, Dynamic Head Movements (DHM) is now provided with the data provided by the Extended Turbulence Module (XTm). This data swings and shifts the plane's fuselage according to the weather conditions affecting the plane, which eliminates any "artificialness" of the effects.
  • In most cases plane models do not require the application of specially developed camera-sets with adjusted effects. The effect works naturally.
  • You still have the ability to utilize the previous "artificial vibrations" system in order to provide a number of additional effects, such as the shaking caused by lift devices (extendable devices), shaking on the ground, and shaking caused by the engine. These effects can be easily adjusted with sliders and saved in the camera-set in order to create a unique profile for each model in simulator.

Product Features:

  • Amazing camera effects based on real-world physics.
  • Travel over the virtual cockpit of the aircraft, around the aircraft and around the flight simulator world.
  • Camera smoothly "floats" from the current view to a new view position.
  • Create up to 255 internal, external aircraft, and world cameras for every aircraft. Edit POV and location of the camera "on-the-fly" with the mouse and keyboard.
  • Switch between the cameras with joystick buttons or keyboard shortcuts. This switching can be instant, or smooth thanks to PtP technology.
  • Enable and disable mouse look mode with the middle mouse button.
  • 3D panoramic mode.
  • Export and import settings to and external file for back-up or for sharing with other EZCA users.

System requirements:
Microsoft Flight Simulator X (SP1/SP2 or Acceleration Pack), FSX: Steam Edition or Lockheed Martin Prepar3D 4.x
Windows 7 or higher
Hardware capable to maintain over 20 FPS in FSX
Mouse with scroll wheel and middle button
30 MB hard disk space

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