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  • AS15304
  • Lionheart Creations
  • English
  • 4.4.2B
Dies ist der schnittige, leistungsstarke französische 4-Sitzer "Trinidad" von Socata Aerospace... mehr
Produktinformationen "Lionheart Creations - Trinidad TB21 GT MSFS"

Dies ist der schnittige, leistungsstarke französische 4-Sitzer "Trinidad" von Socata Aerospace in Frankreich. Diese 250 PS-starke, turbogeladene Ausgabe der Trinidad-Reihe, die TB-21 GT, war ein schneller Kreuzer mit einer Fluggeschwindigkeit von 200 MPH oder 180+ Knoten. Einige Exemplare waren mit Sauerstoffsystemen für den Einsatz in großen Höhen ausgestattet, bis zu 25.000 Fuß ASL. Außerdem mit einem sehr fortschrittlichen Innenraum mit einer Instrumententafel im Automobilstil ausgestattet, ähnlich wie beim Lotus Esprit und Lamborghini Countach jener Zeit. Auch heute ist das Design der Instrumententafel fortschrittlicher im Vergleich zu anderen Herstellern.


  • 22 verschiedene Farbschemata
  • 3 verschiedene Innenraumdesigns: Grau, Tan und Neon Euro Blue
  • Extrem detailliertes virtuelles Cockpit mit aktualisiertem und modifiziertem Mesh, Mapping und Grafiken
  • Verschwindendes Steuerjoch für bessere Sichtbarkeit
  • Extrem hochauflösende Texturen in PBR-Format inkl. Bump Mapping
  • High-End-Avionik von Asobo inkl. deren GPS-Systeme GNS530 und GNS430
  • Soundpaket von Asobo mit einigen unglaublichen Soundeffekten (Bumping Sounds, etc.)
  • Armlehnen nach oben klappbar
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  • Microsoft Flight Simulator (Version 2020)
  • Betriebssystem: Windows 10 Version 18362.0 oder höher
  • Prozessor: Intel i5-8400 | AMD Ryzen 5 1500X
  • Videospeicher: 4 GB
  • Grafik: NVIDIA GTX 970 | AMD Radeon RX 590
  • Freier Festplattenspeicher: 16 GB                                                         

Hinweis: Das Produkt sollte nur auf leistungsstarken Computern verwendet werden. Das Installationsprogramm erfordert eine MANUELLE Ausrichtung Ihres MSFS-Community-Ordners, Sie müssen den entsprechenden Zielorder ausfindig machen.

Build 4.4.2B:

  • Small patch-fix that repairs the Altimeter

Build 4.4.2:

  • Fixed frame rates issue when landing in the dirt and wet surfaces
  • Repaired/restored effects of mist and dust

Build 4.4.0:

  • Rain Effects in Perspex
  • New Asobo aircraft soundfile better suited to this high performance engine type
  • Higher realism warning lights material and glow management
  • Fixed instrumentation lights from SU11 Patch Release
  • PBR Material added to Elevator at tail
  • Remastered Normal mapping to dimpling and waves in the wings and elevators, some touchups to coding
  • Click sounds integrated to most all buttons and levers, not all, but most all are now equipped with sounds
  • A better, more realistic exterior plexiglass with very fine wear and grunge is added to the clean version planes, and lots more grunge is added to the dirty planes version

Build 4.2.1:

  • Fix the high reflection finish on the newer planes

Build 4.2:

  • Lights issue where they were turning off when going to exterior view is repaired
  • Updates to 3D instrumentation
  • OAT instrument recalibrated
  • Instrument lights revamped at different angles, blue glow system reset to
  • different circuit to keep from coming on when off at flight startups


  • Updates to mesh of instrument pod faces, more flatter, actual realistic look
  • Foot step pylons animate with retractable landing gear
  • Updates to handling including flaps performance
  • Updates to Autopilot performance characteristics courtesy of Onimanius
  • New SU5 Update 'Mouse Lock' systems integrated into click zones on the knobs and switches and levers in the cockpit with the cool click/drag readouts.  Knobs and bits glow blue when you mouse over over them.
  • Fuel selector integrated to SU5 update

Build 4.0

  • 3D Instruments fitted using Asobo pure coding for enhanced frame rates and realism
  • Instruments now feature on/off lighting control
  • Instruments now feature 'dimming' knob for low light flying at night
  • Cabin lighting system totally revamped with improved overhead spotlights and also blue glow light mode
  • Some wear and realism added to the leather and vinyl interiors.  Blue interior color totally revamped for truer color
  • Instrument face panels in Instrument Pods are revamped and more truer to actual panels of Trinidads; less shine, redone graphics, crisper edges
  • Various knobs on instrument panel redone/revamped.  Rudder pedals rebuilt
  • Adjustments to handling and stability below 80 knots
  • Flaps speed and drag performance Mod's for better realism when in descent with full flaps active
  • Retracting exterior foot pedal system restored and active
  • Park Mode system is now only active on the ground

Build 3.6

  • Pilots bug that loaded the pilots outside every 5 flights has been figured out and rectified
  • Proper Asobo KT76C Transponder improved, with orange font, proper layout, and digital KT76C screen
  • Fantastic new Asobo style 3D prop discs and side view 3D high realism paddle effects update
  • New 4th Generation interior Dome Lights!  Much brighter
  • Parts cleanup in Interior
  • Gauges Refinement to increase frame rates carried out

Build 3.5

  • Camera Settings for interior and exterior improved, revamped
  • Weight and CG reset and revamped with rear passengers added
  • Interior lighting modes redone and revamped and improved moderately
  • Two far distance LOD models added for those that use the Trinidad in multi player mode and as AI aircraft
  • Prop blades still texture decolored of odd tint
  • Touchups to the new fuselage high resolution bump map (Normal map)
  • Edits to Manual to show new camera systems and lighting functionalities

Build 3.4

  • Alternator system updated
  • Fuel Range adjusted to proper '1,050 NM' range at 5,000 feet, 75% power, 2 passengers, and full fuel
  • NAV system revamped and functions excellent when in 'NAV' mode. Accessed via GPS/NAV button or CDI button on the GPS units
  • New reflection settings in exterior paint schemes for higher realism
  • New 'non-reflection' dull paint for the paint schemes that are dusty, aged, and weathered
  • New re-done bump maps in high resolution with higher detail and 3d 'punch' for effect
  • Small updates and fixes to the model here and there on the exterior added weather Occluder to keep the rain out
  • WORKING DOORS!!!!  (Yes, from the previous update, but so nice to re-announce that... )

Build 3.3

  • Autopilot bug concerning VS mode not always showing is repaired
  • Non-functioning buttons on the panel labeled as dummy buttons so there is no confusion
  • Prop Tooltip Repaired
  • Elevator Trim Dial direction incorrect, reset
  • Manual updates carried out, sections added on Autopilot VS management, and LH Pilots Instrument Pod layout
  • Charging issue from Alternator not being on correct bus circuit
  • Fuel Range adjustment; 1,050 miles range at 5,000 ft at 75% Throttle, prop in the green, two passengers, full fuel


  • Doors now open!  :)  Dino Cattaneo technology installed, enabled to get around click-box-bug
  • Cargo Door release linked to red knob in cockpit; previously the Emergency Gear Release - repurposed
  • Circuit Breaker button textures enhanced
  • Heading and Course nobs are now Asobo coded and feature click-hopping 10-deg increments as well as hold/clicking left and right; faster than previous FSX animation coding
  • Proper plastic coating to interior door latches applied over former metal Material for authentic accuracy


  • Avionics Switch Not Animating
  • Heading Knob Not Rotating
  • Heading knob moves VOR1 knob/instrument also, could be a sim issue, unknown presently

Build 3.2
Bugs and issues:

  • Presently Doors are inoperative, this is a known Asobo issue concerning click zones
  • Flashing at front windscreen from exterior view only and certain angles to sun only
  • The instrument panel lights are 'always on' at night, Asobo presently do not have a way to turn off 2D XML Instrumentation that feature light mapping (hopefully this will be updated soon in the simulator)
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