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  • 1.0
The Britten-Norman BN2A Islander is a British twin-engine light utility aircraft and regional...plus
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The Britten-Norman BN2A Islander is a British twin-engine light utility aircraft and regional airliner.  It is still in production, and is one of the best-selling commercial aircraft types produced in Europe.

The BN2A Islander  is part of Thranda "Dynamic Generation Series" - more about the DGS Series here.

Special features:

  • True X-Plane 12 Aircraft
  • FULLY configurable 3D instrument panel
  • Fully VR Compatible
  • Over 50 instruments to choose from! (Including Aspen EFD 1000, and support for RealityXP GTN650 and GTN750)
  • Move any instrument to any location on the panel, or even between pilot and copilot's panel
  • Comes with 5 panel presets, but can easily be expanded by moving instruments around, using a simple and intuitive interface
  • Lighting is fully 3D, and dynamically moves along with the instruments, as you configure the panel
  • Ability to assign a lighting index to individual instruments, to allow different lighting knobs to be assigned on a per-instrument basis
  • Save your own presets, and even share them with the community
  • Almost every instrument can be popped up or popped out as a 2D floating window! They can be placed on other monitors as well
  • Instruments can be moved in 3D directly, on a 2D pop-up preview window, or by numerical entry for precise placement
  • GNS430 and 530 can be swapped out, but a restart of the plane is required, as 430s and 530s are mutually exclusive in terms of compatibility in X-Plane
  • Dynamic livery editor (like in the Kodiak, the Beaver, the Wilga, the Caravan, the C206, the C337, and the Pilatus PC-6)
  • Full PBR control! Create stunning metallic liveries, or matte, sand-blasted look in mere seconds
  • Additional control over dirt/scratches, adjustable in real-time to dial in the exact desired amount of wear and tear
  • Create "virtual" liveries, based on two basic common design layouts (Modern and Classic), and assign any colour to any available paint segment
  • Quickly create preview of livery in real-time, using intuitive controls.  Previews include visualization of metallic materials and dirt overlays
  • Apply selected livery in real-time, right in the sim, without the need to even touch a 3rd party image editor
  • Option to change the tail number in real-time, or disable it altogether (Enter a "space" instead of a callsign number to create a blank tail number)
  • Easily and quickly create dozens of paint schemes in-sim
  • Also includes 8 traditionally painted liveries, all visible in a convenient pre-selection preview window
  • Ability to swap pilot/co-pilot figures
  • Uses SkunkCrafts Updater (Option to participate in Beta program, via checkbox in SkunkCrafts Updater)
  • Excellent 8k hi-res textures with realistic PBR materials, featuring true-to-life plate deformation and to-the-rivet precision
  • Windshield ice and rain effects
  • Individual functional circuit breakers

Feature-rich elegant fly-out menu with the following features:

  • Electric tug, with in-panel controls to move forward/backward at the desired speed, and steer proportionally
  • Control over chocks, individual tie-downs, covers, internal lights, external lights, etc.
  • Option to enable/disable Cargo Pod, with realistically simulated weight, momentum, rotational inertia, and drag characteristics
  • Option to start up running (all systems ready), or cold-and-dark, for realistic startup procedures, directly from this fly-out menu
  • Control landing lights, strobes, beacon, and nav lights via fly-out menu
  • Detailed weight and balance manager with visual chart, individual passenger seat weight control, Lbs/KG unit toggle, CG control, external tank control, and the option to save and load configuration
  • Show or hide individual seats, to create a hybrid passenger/cargo version
  • When seats are hidden, cargo fills the space when weight is added via the fly-out menu
  • Multiple camera snap points, above and beyond what's available by default in X-Plane, so you can perform your walk around checks
  • Adjust your camera's Field of View without having to go to an X-plane menu, allowing for real-time adjustments
  • Audio mixer: individually control audio channels in real-time, so you can adjust volumes while hearing them play
  • Slew control: move your plane around the world, temporarily bypassing flight physics.  Includes ground mode and air mode
  • Dynamic panel control page, with a separate view for the entire panel layout preview, or a per-instrument view, allowing for fine-tuning of instrument position, as well as copy-paste function to quickly replace instruments
  • DynaFeel panel: Dial in precisely how you wish for the controls to react as a function of speed
  • Option to swap pilot and co-pilot
  • Optional de-ice system
  • Optional bubble windows
  • Optional tundra tires

Flight dynamics and systems:

  • Detailed and accurate flight dynamics and weight and balance, with accurate takeoff, climb, cruise, and landing performance
  •  Tie-downs and chocks actually keep the plane from moving, even in high winds
  • DynaFeel: controls that simulate how strongly the control surfaces are affected by oncoming air, and how much strength would be needed to overcome these forces

Advanced FMOD-based sound system:

  • High fidelity, multi-track sounds with smooth, finely tuned transitions (actually having calculated the precise beat frequency for each section, to minimize "muddy" transition sounds), and amazing atmospheric effects
  • Individual volume control over different aspects of the sound experience, adjustable in real-time (while listening to the sounds)
  • Panning around the plane in exterior view yields awesome 3D audio effects, including "blade slapping" sound when view is perpendicular to prop
  • Far away sounds include aerodynamic interaction effects between engines
  • Individual buttons and switches in the cockpit each have their own unique sound
  • Engine has typical cool-down ticking sound, based on engine temperature
  • Sounds actually give you clues as to what's happening under the hood
  • Outside wind intensity is affected by slip and AoA. (The more the surface area of the fuselage is hit by oncoming wind, the louder the sounds)
  • Doors and windows opening, let outside sounds in
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  • X-Plane 12
  • Windows, Mac or Linux
  • 4 GB VRAM (8 GB+ recommended)
  • Download Size: 2.8 GB
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