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New from Thranda: the Daher Kodiak 100 for X-Plane 12! This exceptional model is part of Thranda...plus
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New from Thranda: the Daher Kodiak 100 for X-Plane 12! This exceptional model is part of Thranda "Dynamic Generation Series" - more about the DGS Series here.

Special features:

  • X-Plane 12 exclusive
  • New Daher Kodiak 100 simulation
  • Part of the Dynamic Generation Series
  • Ground Proximity Warning System
  • Option to swap autopilot between G1000 bezel and S-TEC55
  • New 8k highly detailed textures
  • Updated and improved 3D model
  • Upgraded plugin to SASL 3.16, with full support for new Apple processors
  • Uses X-Plane 12's new windshield rain and ice effects
  • SkunkCrafts Auto updater
  • Includes landplane and amphibian seaplane variants
  • Two different interiors and seat configurations: Timberline or Executive
  • Superb material realism - inside and outside, using full PBR features
  •  Dynamic Livery Editor - create your new livery while in the sim!  Two presets: classic Quest livery, and newer Daher livery
  • Comprehensive menu system with per-passenger Weight and Balance Manager, audio controls, custom slew controls, livery selection, aircraft configuration etc.
  • Swappable pilot and copilot figures
  • Many options, including wheel fairings, tundra tires, skis, mud flaps

Aircraft visuals:

  • Amazingly deep 3D mesh throughout, based on actual CAD model of the real plane
  • High resolution 8k textures and detailed PBR materials
  • Dynamic Livery generator - generate dozens of livery varieties within minutes, live, while in-sim
  • High quality textures (over 1000 pix/m!)
  • PBR dynamic interior window reflections with realistic scratches and imperfections
  • Window and instrument reflections that emulate sense of depth
  • Numerous covers, tie-downs, chocks, caps - all accessible via menu
  • Modelled and functional GPU
  • Custom lighting throughout (custom strobe flash pattern, custom halos, custom lighting logic)
  • Pulsing landing light option
  • Gimballed internal 3D lights throughout, which cast light on the surfaces they point to (HDR mode)
  • Lifelike, realistically animated Pilot and Co-pilot figures (Co-pilot figure appears/disappears depending on weight)
  • Features a Cargo mode, which covers windows and rearranges the passenger compartment for cargo operations
  • Cargo that appears and disappears, depending on weight set (in Cargo mode)
  • Detailed engine model under cowlings that can be opened
  • All chrome and reflective materials look realistic in X-Plane, thanks to PBR
  • Extremely detailed and realistic panel, G1000 glass, and steam gauge glass, which is also night-lighting responsive, and features Fresnel effect
  • Slick 2D pop-up (actually, 'fly-out') window, giving you quick access to all the plane's extra features
  • Animated air conditioning gimbals throughout
  • Custom and X-plane default camera presets
  • Hideable cargo pod with doors that can be opened, revealing cargo inside that changes depending on the weight that is set in the pod
  • Open cargo pod doors respond to prop wash or weather wind by oscillating back and forth
  • Electric tug, to tow the plane (based on a real-life tug model controlled via smartphone.)

Flight dynamics and systems:

  • Laminar's built-in G1000, which features procedures and synthetic vision
  • Extremely accurate flight dynamics, arrived at with the help of in-house real-time visual tools (Fully updated to X-Plane 12, including water model)
  • Smoke in the cockpit can be brought under control by pulling the 'Firewall Air' via knob on panel.
  • Cargo pod and wheel pants affect aerodynamics realistically
  •  Adding cargo pod enables use of weight and balance manager to determine load.
  • Docking Hold Mode for amphibian, which holds the plane in place as if it were tied to the dock, but allows it to rock around with the waves
  • Interface and usability
  • Fly-out pop-up menu featuring six menus:
    • General (mode, tug, cargo pod, reflections, lights, etc. options)
    • Livery selector for pre-painted liveries (X-Plane standard system, with animated previews that look great) or switch to dynamic liveries, where you can edit and create your own liveries quickly with the provided tools
    • Improved dynamic real-time weight-and-balance manager with full scroll support, metric/imperial switching, cargo pod option, ability to load a saved configuration
    • Camera: select camera snap points visually, or use X-Plane's internal camera preset system, with an added visual interface
    • Audio: Mix 6 aspects of audio in the plane, via scrollable volume faders, to get the mix just right for your taste
    • Slew mode allows you to place your plane in real time in 3D, temporarily bypassing X-plane's aerodynamics.
    • Misc menu allows access to skis, bush tires, mud flaps, cargo version, executive version, synthetic vision in G1000, autopilot choice (G1000 bezel or S-TEC55), and anti-ice option

Advanced sound system:

  • Doppler effects are sensitive to how the camera is behaving in relation to the plane. (No more screeching when dollying camera towards the plane.)
  • High fidelity, multi-track fmod sounds, simulating multiple layers of engine and prop sounds, depending on camera angle, distance, atmospheric conditions etc.
  • Different for front of plane vs. back of plane
  • Panning around the plane yields stunning 3D audio effects
  • Audio positioning is clearly discernible; move around the engine compartment and the sound origin clearly shifts depending on where the camera is pointing.
  • Individual buttons and switches in the cockpit each have their own sound origin, which is mapped across the stereo spectrum.
  • Gimballed AC vents
  • Ambient sounds
  • Realistic electrical sounds, based on bus load and other factors. (Sounds actually give you clues as to what's happening under the hood.)
  • Yoke, throttle quadrant, brake handle etc. make friction sounds that are proportional to their movements, both in pitch and in volume.
  • Combustion roar sound typical for turboprop engines - recorded from real PT6 engine
  • Outside wind intensity is affected by slip and AOA. (The more the surface area of the fuselage is hit by oncoming wind, the louder the sounds)
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  • X-Plane 12 (not for XP11)
  • Windows, Mac or Linux
  • 4 GB VRAM (8 GB+ recommended)
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