OMSI 2 Downloadpack Vol. 10 - AI Coaches

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The popular OMSI 2 Downloadpack series with AI expansions goes into the next round! The 10th... altro
Informazione prodotto "OMSI 2 Downloadpack Vol. 10 - AI Coaches"

The popular OMSI 2 Downloadpack series with AI expansions goes into the next round!

The 10th part contains varied AI buses that enrich every OMSI map. In addition to three combibuses, which can be used for intercity services, but also for shuttle, day and touring trips, two vehicles are now available, which we will certainly see more often in the future. In addition, two bus models are included for the first time, which, with their passenger entrance on the left side, are perfectly suited for use on English maps.

All seven AI vehicles come with different repaints. This allows a realistic use on known OMSI maps. Included are repaints for selected free- and payware maps. Further repaints will follow.

And so that the ears don't miss out, each AI vehicle has received its own sound.

In order to continue to achieve good performance on the OMSI maps, attention has been paid to optimising the polygon count.

Please note, the AI vehicles cannot be driven independently!
The new AI vehicles must be entered manually into the existing AI lists of the respective OMSI maps. Unfortunately, OMSI does not offer an automatic import function for this. A detailed description can be found in the manual supplied.

Contents of the package:

  • Easymile EZ10 (autonomous minibus)
  • MB Future Bus (technology vehicle)
  • MB Intouro (combibus)
  • MB O 404 (combibus)
  • S 411 HD (combibus)
  • Optare Solo SR (midibus)
  • Wrightbus Streetlite (midibus)


  • 7 different AI bus models
  • Vehicle types from well-known manufacturers
  • Static models to place on maps
  • Own, special sounds for each bus
  • Customised scripts that influence the driving behaviour (e.g. autonomous bus)
  • Performance optimised 3D models
  • Various repaints of different transport companies from different free- and payware maps
  • Templates for designing your own repaints
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  • OMSI 2 (at least version 2.3)
  • Windows 8.1 / 10 (64bit)
  • Dual core processor, Core i5 with 2.8 GHz or similar (Quad core with 3 GHz recommended)
  • 4 GB RAM (8 GB recommended)
  • 3D graphics card with at least 1024 MB (2048 MB recommended)
  • 2 GB free hard drive space
  • Sound card
  • Keyboard and mouse
  • DirectX 9.0c compatible hardware and software

Internet connection and Steam user account required!

Notes: We provide a serial number with the purchase of this download version. Afterwards, you need to download this add-on via STEAM and activate it. Further information can be found in the installation instruction.

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