Airport Altenrhein XP

X-Plane 11
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Start the engines and set course for Altenrhein. This complete conversion to X-Plane 11 shows... altro
Informazione prodotto "Airport Altenrhein XP"

Start the engines and set course for Altenrhein. This complete conversion to X-Plane 11 shows Altenrhein Airport with all buildings and facilities and additional night lighting. Originally textured buildings and all hangars were created on the basis of over 2000 photos.

Countless objects such as runway signs, position lights, approach lights, ILS systems, hangar boards, Stadler rails and many more were designed in three dimensions and given the original texture.

The color of the aerial photo of the floor texture of 25cm / pixel is optimally adapted to the surroundings of X-Plane 11.

Special features of the scenery
When creating the sceneries, the designer Jörg Unglaub not only focused on the airport itself, but also modeled the surrounding area. He was able to optimally capture the special charm and uniqueness and implement it for you in the flight simulator.

On voyages of discovery across the small but fine area of the airport, you can discover a multitude of details and special features. Here is a small list of the highlights of Altenrhein Airport:

  • Detailed representation of Altenrhein and the surrounding area, including distinctive objects
  • Highly detailed building models with interior models
  • Original layout for runway, taxiways, parking positions, helicopter landing areas with PBR textures
  • Extensive vehicle animations on the apron
  • Numerous static planes with liveries that match the location
  •  Many static 3D ground vehicles in the parking lots in the area
  • Complete night lighting
  • 3D grass and vegetation on the airport site
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  • X-Plane 11
  • Microsoft Windows 7 / 8 / 10 (64-bit) or Mac
  • Processor: Quad-Core with 3.5 GHz
  • RAM: 16 GB DDR4-RAM (2666 MHz)
  • Video card: 4 GB VRAM (DirectX 11)
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