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Brno-Turany Airport is located 7 km from the Czech city of Brno in South Moravia. In 2006, a... more
Product information "Brno Airport P3D"

Brno-Turany Airport is located 7 km from the Czech city of Brno in South Moravia.

In 2006, a modern passenger terminal was opened at the airport, serving 1000 passengers per unit. Brno Airport can receive Boeing 767, 737-800, 757, A320, etc.

The airport is home to the Brno-Slatina flying club and the HERBST AERO flight school, which are also implemented in the project.

The Brno airport project has implemented a detailed airport infrastructure, including administrative buildings, hangars.

In addition to the airport, the scenery includes separate areas of the city, including the area where the Brno Tower is located, the hospital, on the territory of which there are two helipads, where you can land and take off by helicopters. Also made the Brno castle.


  • Runway lighting, taxiway lighting, ALS works depending on weather conditions: reduced visibility, precipitation in rain and snow; also implemented a flashing light system
  • Windsocks show the direction and strength of the wind
  • Models of static aerodrome transport vehicles, including fire fighting vehicles, fuel tankers, and official vehicles, are made into account actual vehicles used at Brno airport
  • Animated passengers, airport staff, including technicians, a flight crew with pilots, and flight attendants
  • There are trees and grass around the airport and at the airport itself, covered with autumn leaves or snow in winter, depending on the season
  • During rain, the asphalt becomes wet, and puddles appear
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