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  • 0.1.10
Just Flight are excited to bring you the 146 ‘Whisper Jet’ – featuring the 100, 200 and 300... more
Product information "Just Flight - 146 Professional MSFS"

Just Flight are excited to bring you the 146 ‘Whisper Jet’ – featuring the 100, 200 and 300 series of this classic British airliner.

Just Flight's study-level 146 Professional add-on for MSFS includes eight passenger and cargo variants in a total of 39 liveries, with an exceptional Wwise sound package, fully functional FMS, authentic flight controls and Captain and First Officer positions complete with hundreds of functional switches, knobs and controls.

The aircraft are brought to life with immersive dynamic lighting and 3D Wwise sounds, with unique flight dynamics for each variant and custom effects from condensation and contrails to realistic exterior lighting.

Eight variants of the 146 are included:

  • 146-100
  • 146-200
  • 146-300
  • 146-200 QC & QT (cargo)
  • 146-300 QT (cargo)
  • CC.Mk2 (RAF VIP configuration with countermeasure pods)
  • C.Mk3 (RAF cargo configuration with countermeasure pods)

For full details of all the aircraft features, please take a look at the PDF manual here!
The 146 comes with a variety of airline liveries from the UK, USA, Australia, Europe and more.

  • Air France Express (G-JEAT)
  • AirUK (G-UKPC)
  • British Aerospace demonstrator (G-SSSH)
  • Dan-Air London (G-BKMN)
  • Formula One Flight Operations White (G-OFOM)
  • Formula One Flight Operations Silver (G-OFOA)
  • Jersey European (G-JEAO)
  • Pacific Southwest Airlines (N246SS)
  • United Express (N463AP)


  • AirCal (N146AC)
  • Air Canada Jazz (C-GRNZ)
  • American Airlines (N699AA)
  • Cello Aviation (G-RAJJ)
  • Cobham Aviation (VH-NJG)
  • Continental Express (N406XV)
  • Jota Aviation (G-SMLA)
  • QantasLink (VH-NJJ)
  • SN Brussels Airlines (OO-DJJ)
  • USAir (N165US)


  • TNT Airways (OO-TAZ)
  • Titan Airways (G-ZAPK)


  • TNT Airways 1990s (G-TNTA)
  • Ansett Australia Airlines Cargo (VH-JJZ)
  • Titan Airways (G-ZAPR)


  •  Aer Lingus (EI-CTO)
  • Air New Zealand (ZK-NZN)
  • Ansett Australia (VH-EWM)
  • Astra Airlines (SX-DIZ)
  •  British Airways (G-OINV)
  • Cobham Aviation Services (VH-NJN)
  • Flybe (G-JEBC)

146-300 QT:

  • ASL Airlines (EC-MID)
  • Australian Air Express (VH-NJM)
  • Jota Aviation (G-JOTE)
  • TNT Airways (OO-TAD)


  • RAF Statesman modern (ZE701 – Queen’s Flight)
  • RAF Statesman 1980s (ZE701 – Queen’s Flight)

C.Mk 3:

  • RAF (ZE708)

146 Professional features custom-coded aircraft systems with a high degree of complexity and depth, including:

  • Air-conditioning and pressurisation system
  • Auto-flight system
  • Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) for controlling various aircraft options and payloads
  • Flight Management System
  • Communication system
  • Electrical system
  • Fire protection system
  • Flight controls
  • Fuel system
  • Hydraulic system
  • Ice and rain protection system
  • Indicating and recording systems
  • Landing gear
  • Navigation systems
  • Oxygen system
  • Pneumatic system
  • APU
  • Animations panel for controlling passenger and service doors
  • Power plant
  • Lighting
  • Sounds
  • FDE and effects


  • 258-page PDF manual with flight tutorial, systems guide, procedures, limitations and handling notes
  • Multiple interior and exterior camera presets, including wing views
  • PSD paint kit (1.4 GB) available included so you can create your own paint schemes
  • Full support for MSFS checklists (manual and Automatic/Co-pilot modes)
  • Support for numerous control assignments for compatibility with controllers and hardware
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  • Microsoft Flight Simulator (Version 2020)
  • Operating System: Windows 10 / 11
  • Processor: Intel i5-4460 / AMD Ryzen 3 1200 (Intel i5-8400 / AMD Ryzen 5 1500X recommended)
  • Graphics card: nVidia GTX 770 / AMD Radeon RX 570 (nVidia GTX 970 / AMD Radeon RX 590 recommended)
  • RAM: 8 GB (16 GB recommended)
  • 1 GB hard drive space
  • Peripherals: Joystick or compatible game controller (e.g. Xbox One Controller for Windows)

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Version 0.1.10:

  • EFB random failures only triggering when the failure menu is open - fixed
  • Weather radar added
  • Cruise speed (KTAS) shown in menus is now correct
  • Unable to cancel MWS attention getters during MWS test - fixed
  • Updated interactive checklists
  • Configuration warning no longer requires aileron trim to be exactly neutral
  • TMS failure annunciator on MWS now illuminates during MWS test
  • EFB aircraft page text fields sometimes blank when inputting values - fixed
  • EFB METAR error - fixed
  • EFB brightness setting is now restored whenever the EFB is switched off and back on
  • TMS panel selectors now rotate in correct direction when using a controller
  • Flap lever now works correctly when using a controller
  • Upper and lower beacon lights now flash at different rates, like on the real aircraft
  • Landing, taxi, wing and logo light colours tweaked for better match to real aircraft
  • Minor livery fixes

Version 0.1.9:

  • SU12 and Xbox compatibility added
  • Pushback controls added to the EFB aircraft page
  • Failure controls added to EFB aircraft page - they can be set to fail instantly (FAIL) or armed to fail after X number of minutes (ARM). There is also a random failures option with selectable probability for those occurring
  • Random passenger and cargo load button added to the EFB aircraft page
  • HF antenna EFB option is now available on all variants
  • VHF NAV 3 antenna (located on tail) EFB option added
  • Speed card weights now show in LBs if that unit is selected on the EFB aircraft page
  • Onscreen keyboard added to EFB aircraft page
  • Numerous flight model improvements
  • Performance (FPS) improvements
  • Weather visible in -300 cockpit and cabin - fixed
  • Various minor livery fixes
  • Glass effect added to FMS screen
  • Rear passenger door button no longer shown when QT variant is being flown
  • Flight director go-around mode is now correctly commanded by two presses of the AP disconnect switches
  • ADF 2 test mode fixed
  • Fast e rection function added to standby ADI
  • Altitude selector test mode fixed
  • Tweaks to DME HOLD test
  • Minor fixes for MWS captions and tests
  • Elevator trim green band backlighting fixed
  • Small gap around EFB screens fixed
  • Higher resolution compass cards added
  • Runway turnoff lights now illuminate fuselage
  • Honeycomb hardware compatibility improvements
  • Additional lighting added to -300 and QC/QT cabins
  • Outside ambient noise is no longer heard when only the lower cargo doors are open

Version 0.1.8:

  • Annunciator clarity/resolution improved
  • Minor exterior texture improvements
  • FDE tweaks (including improvements to the CG)
  • Autopilot Go-Around (GA) mode fixes
  • Airbrakes now extend further when hydraulic pressure is depleted
  • Roll spoiler deployment range more closely matches the real aircraft
  • ADF frequency now increments in 0.5 rather than 0.1 kHz steps
  • ALT ARM no longer disengages when the selected altitude is changed
  • Engine fan blade animations fixed on the -200QT and -300 variants
  • Take-off callout logic tweaked to reduce delays between V1, VR, V2 and gear up calls
  • Storm panel lighting added
  • IOAT and auxiliary pitot probes added to exterior
  • Water servicing door added to exterior
  • Use of anti-icing (engine/airframe) now affects engine performance, reducing N1 by approx. 1% and increasing fuel flow by approx. 9%
  • VHF NAV 1 display tweaked to more closely match the real unit
  • GPU beacon light effect added
  • EFB config menu option added for disabling visible QC/QT cargo containers (for GSX users)
  • Ice detection warning logic changes
  • INCREASE/DECREASE AP PITCH HOLD REFERENCE ASSIGNMENT logic fixed, allowing for control over autopilot pitch or vertical speed
  • SU10 compatibility changes
  • Manual updated to reflect software changes, control assignments section added
  • Performance (FPS) improvements
    • EFB upgrades:
    • Doubled screen resolution
    • Interactive checklists, in addition to the existing MSFS checklist support
    • A top-of-descent calculator with the option to manually input altitudes, speeds and descent requirements or to have those sync'd from the sim
    • An on-screen/virtual keyboard, especially useful for VR users
    • An improved Navigraph charts screen with automatic selection of departure and arrival airports based on your SimBrief OFP, and ability to favourite charts for quick reference
    • METARs for your SimBrief OFP departure, arrival and alternate airports

Version 0.1.7:

  • SimConnect autopilot events (e.g. HEADING_BUG_SET) fixed
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