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Obstacles & VFR Landmarks - FRANCE XP11

XPlane 11
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  • AS14657
  • France VFR
  • English/Français
  • 1.00
"Obstacles and VFR Landmarks - FRANCE" is an add-on for Laminar Research® X-Plane® that covers... more
Product information "Obstacles & VFR Landmarks - FRANCE XP11"

"Obstacles and VFR Landmarks - FRANCE" is an add-on for Laminar Research® X-Plane® that covers the entire French territory and adds more than 500 000 obstacles and VFR landmarks objects, including almost all the obstacles officially identified by the SIA (Aeronautical Information Service), which have been qualified and geo-referenced.

The product is designed to be compatible with all types of overlays including Simheaven overlay complements.

More than 4000 obstacles identified by SIA including:

  • 1 000 radio and television antennas, telecommunications towers
  • 1 000 microwave towers and telecom transmitters
  • 200 cooling towers, smokestacks and flares
  • 1 500 water towers
  • 90 lighthouses
  • Churches
  • Thermal and nuclear power plants

Details of obstacles and landmarks included:

  • 450 000 power towers with red/white markings in the vicinity of airports, representing virtually all High Voltage and Extra High Voltage networks
  • 3 000 HV substations
  • 7 500 windmills
  • 65 000 churches, cathedrals, basilicas, chapels and religious buildings
  • 55 000 agricultural greenhouse
  • 23 000 castles
  • 11 000 water towers
  • 5 000 agricultural silos
  • 12 000 industrial tanks
  • 14 000 antennas
  • 3 500 lifts/cable car

NOTE: Screenshots shown in the product page includes Simheaven X-Europe overlays.

Minimum system requirements:
XPlane 11.xx
Windows 7 / 8 / 10 (64bits) or MacOS
CPU: 2 GHz Dual Core min.
RAM: 2 GB double channel
Graphics: 2 GB DDR5 PCI-E 2.0
Mass storage: 1 GB free

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